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We don’t do Black Friday, but…

…it’s tough this year isn’t it? But we do have some great initiatives, changes and offers to share if you read on.

What’s going on with 2022 eh? Interest rates going up, energy bills through the roof, food price inflation higher than it has been for decades, and all this while pay rises are in short supply. And that’s before we even talk about being put through the hell of watching Matt Hancock in the jungle.

Believe us when we say we get it. As a small family business, we feel the pinch as well. It’s also tough out there in watersports industry at the moment. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks speaking to our industry partners, our suppliers, and our extended McConks family of instructors, adventure providers, centres and coaches, and whilst some of them have had great years, some are struggling as they go into the winter, with many needing to take second jobs as drivers, posties, or working in pubs.

At McConks, we’re still going strong, but its fair to say that we’re past the heady days of 2020 and 2021 when we couldn’t make boards quick enough to sell them. As an ethical business (or so we think) we didn’t get seduced by the desperate need to make lots and lots of boards to make lots and lots of profit. That’s never what we’ve been about: We have always focussed on quality, user experience and community.

But enough of the doom and gloom (as one of the many recent Prime Ministers might have said!).

What are we doing to help. What exciting news have we got?

Autumn / winter offers and giveaways.

15% off any new paddleboard package, plus a free McConks Bobble Hat and sustainable bamboo/stainless steel insulated coffee mug.

These aren’t just Black Friday offers, but will run all the way through the Christmas (or until we run out of stock!)

We’ve also got a winter adventure pack giveaway that will launch on social media very soon, containing and outdoor adventure kettle, two mugs, two water filter bottles, two organic hammocks and two bobble hats. Make sure you follow us on social media to get the latest news on our promotions.

Up to £400 off discounted boards and accessories

We may not do Black Friday, but we’ve often got products that are end of line, or have been returned after being lost in courier networks with some damaged packaging. These are either brand new with packaging, or might be shop soiled – but they are always brand new products. The retail price listed against these is ALWAYS the recommended retail price price that we have been selling at all year, and the discount price is the discount price. i.e. these are absolutely 100% true discounts we’ve applied to get rid of items just clutter up our HQ and distribution centre, and not marketing gimmicks! And you can save up to £450 on some products.

Second hand gear

We’ve often got some second hand kit that we haven’t quite got around to clearing out from our lockup, or at our demo centres and partners around the UK. Message us on facebook (or the multiple ways to contact us) to see what second stock we and/or our demo centres and partners have available. We’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment options

We’ve always have Paypal pay in 3 to allow you to split payments into three interest free monthly payments.

But to supplement that, and in response to lots of you asking, we’ve also implemented Klarna which allow you to pay over months, or pay after 30 days. We’ve never been a fan of the likes of Klarna, because of stories about how they tempt customers to take on more debt than they can afford, and then aggresively pursue them with penalty payments in coming months, eventually extracting much more that the product ever cost from those customers.

However, lots of you, especially younger customers, have pointed out that you would like to buy a more expensive, more sustainable board, that will last longer than a cheaper one. And that you would like to buy from a small family company like McConks, but that you don’t qualify for PayPal pay in three, and that spot payment requirements mean that you’re priced out from making the best long term decision.

So we’ve fully implemented Klarna. To use it, just click through to checkout (not clicking PayPal on the shopping cart page), and click pay by Klarna.

Preorder for 2023

If you’d like a payment plan over the winter with delivery in Spring 2023, please get in contact with us. We can always work something bespoke.

So although we don’t agree with marketing gimmicks like Black Friday, we are trying to do our bit. Getting best value is on everyone’s minds right now, and if we can do something to help people get the wellness benefits that paddleboarding and outdoor adventure gives us, with gear that is the right price and that lasts at least as long as it’s five years warranty, then we’ll do it.

If you’ve got other ideas on how we could help, please do let us know!

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