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Unlock your freedom: Paddleboarding in snow

Don’t have a sledge? No worries. Get your inflatable paddleboard out!

Can I use my inflatable paddleboard as a sledge?

We’re often asked

“Can I use my inflatable paddleboard in winter?”. A variant of that question less often asked is “Can I use my SUP as a sledge?”

But there’s no reason why this question should be asked less often. As tis video shows, The answer is yes as this video shows iSUP are great snow sledges.

Inflatable paddleboards are SAFE to use as a sledge because they have no hard parts to cause cuts or scrapes unlike cheap sleds. And they’re soft to sit on, so no nasty bruises on your bums!

iSUP are FUN to use. They have a large surface area, therefore are very fast compared to plastic sledges. Make sure you have a good runout area at the end of your ride. You’ll go further than you expect!

Inflatable SUP are more SUSTAINABLE than plastic sledges, because they don’t disintegrate after a few goes. They are very robust (assuming you’re using a decent paddleboard brand), and will keep on going no matter what you throw them at.. with the possible exception of barbed wire fences 😉

What are you waiting for? Get your snow iSUP on!

We’d love to see your photos of SUP In action in winter

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