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Three coffees to start the day – growing older but still loving watersports (even in winter).

‘Rolling half cocked out of bed the aches and niggles (back, knees, ankles) kick in and standing is more effort than it should be. Heading downstairs with winter gloom for company that first morning coffee is the only thought. Standing in the half light, waiting for those ground beans to brew, the haze engulfs, a little like the start of a hangover – only zero alcohol was consumed the night before.

Sipping first sips it’s a little wait before caffeinated liquid absorbs. Relying on stimulants to wake properly isn’t the best, but hey, it works. Back upstairs to continue drinking with a second wife cuppa in hand.

It’s a cold one this morning so the brew’s welcome. A dull back ache remains and loosening of other joints by manipulation is a continuing process as more coffee is consumed. Briefly, thoughts of getting wet enter thoughts, quickly brushed aside with an inward groan – way too early!

Soon enough it’s back to the coffee machine for more of the good stuff. Slowly but surely ‘normal life’ creeps in. A bit more horizontal coffee quaffing and the emergence of a more spritely outlook. Quickly scanning weather forecasts reveal what’s in store brine wise and a loose plan formulates.

Standing once more it’s noticeable how those initial morning pangs have subsided significantly. More brewed goodness and a breakfast scoff should see all cylinders firing.

Sure enough, an hour or so later, juices are properly flowing and it’s all hands to the pump. Kids are now dressed, fed and beginning their day so on with the job in hand. A large gulp of water and beachbound for more sea play…’

The above may resonate. As we age physical activity becomes a little harder than in younger years. Kickstarting mornings is often necessary. If you spend any time around energetic hobbies you may ‘feel it’ more than you used to. But just as with our subject above the trick is to keep on keeping on.

Minor niggles and pangs are usual as we head later into life but we deal with them and continue to enjoy our time afloat. For all those growing pains sessions on the water can revitalise and rejuvenate. Healthy exercise in the outdoors, is after all, a wonderful thing. Sometimes it just takes three coffees in the morning to rev up instead of one…

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