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Thinking of starting a SUP business in 2022? Here’s the McConks take.

SUP’s recent boom time has seen a resurgence of interest in stand up paddle boarding as a viable business opportunity. More specifically starting a SUP brand. And even more granular: starting a SUP brand dedicated to inflatable stand up paddle boards.

It’s not hard to see why iSUPs, from a business point of view, make more sense than hard boards. Even here at McConks HQ we wholeheartedly agree air boards are easier to store, far easier to transport and can (in general) be more affordable so potentially more likely to sell. But it’s not all plain sailing…

Starting a SUP business? Be in it for the right reasons is our advice.

McConks has always worn its heart on its sleeve as a SUP business. We’re a family run company who focus on ethics and sustainability – as much as possible. McConks was born because we felt what we could produce gear more in line with our wants and needs as an outdoor, active family., It just so happens that many of our idealogies are aligned with our customers. Yes, we’re here to turn a profit as SUP won’t pay for itself. But that’s not to the detriment of things we believe in and are passionate about.

And that’s the first thing as a fledgling SUP business. Are you doing it for the right reasons? This is the wrong industry if you’re trying to make a million. But from a lifestyle point of view, and giving something wholesome back to paddlers, the reason to exist is a good one.

Be under no illusion. The inflatable stand up paddle boarding market is tough. SUP in general in fact isn’t easy. Which echoes the wider world of watersports (which McConks also has vested interests in). Cheap iSUP companies, springing up overnight, and disappearing just as quickly, are ten a penny. Aiming to make a quick Buck these companies don’t have any sustainability. Nor are they focused on paddler experience and helping the rider enjoy the sport and find fulfillment through SUP. Any savvy paddler will see through marketing spiel and guff. Which brings us back to the ‘right reasons for doing it’ point.

McConks is contacted regularly by brands looking to start out. You may think this is a little cheeky. But then we guess everyone has to lay that first foundational block. And what better way than to get advice from the horse’s mouth? Being honest we’re not offended. Whilst we wouldn’t be looking to give away all the secrets we don’t mind serving up some guidance. Which is why we published this page on our website to help steer new brands in the right direction.

If you’re just about to set off your new SUP business journey then we salute you. We wish you well and hope it delivers everything you expect. From McConks’ point of view, we’ll continue doing what we do best. But don’t forget the door’s always open if anyone has any feedback.

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