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The warming of the weather: week Mon 22 Jun – Wed 1 July 2020.

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At time of writing the weather’s currently on the cooler side with much in the way of rain showers and the occasional thunderstorm. For the time of year this isn’t unusual. What mostly follows periods of warm, sunny conditions are cooler, slightly wetter conditions. But, the Met Office is suggesting there’re signs of a return to warmer, sunnier days in the not too distant future. We quote:

‘There are signs of a more settled and dry spell of weather becoming established for many parts towards the middle part of the first week. It will probably become generally warm, perhaps very warm in places, especially for southeastern areas.’

Why are we reporting this? Most new stand up paddlers aren’t from watersports backgrounds where hanging about on wind swept beaches is the norm. Knowing how to use the elements, such as breeze, is something you get used to in time. For the short term those paddlers looking to take first tentative strokes or build on foundations want brighter, calmer, warmer weather which, we’ll admit, is far more enticing for getting afloat.

There are still caveats to the above prediction, however. If you’re coastal bound then beware of sea breezes which occur as the land warms and cooler air rushes in from the sea. A seemingly calm forecast might not be the case upon arrival at the beach if you’re not taking this into consideration. Earlier, morning sessions, or late evening paddles are usually a better bet for calmer water.

So, if you’ve just gotten hold of your new stand up paddle board gear, and/or you’ve only been out a few times since acquiring your spangly new SUP then you could be in for a good few days to get those paddling muscles working.

As always, if you need a hand with anything SUP kit related or have queries relating to conditions and what you should be looking out for then let us know.

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