You are currently viewing The warming of the weather – SUP conditions update for w/e June 17, 2022.

The warming of the weather – SUP conditions update for w/e June 17, 2022.

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You know by now we love a bit of weather chat at McConks. If you didn’t where have you been? We often put out updates to keep you lovely people informed of potential fair weather periods for SUP. And at time of writing it looks as though we’re (finally) starting to see some sublime conditions almost UK wide.

Of course, these are broad, sweeping strokes of comment that won’t reflect true on the ground conditions in every single location. This is why as an all round knowledgeable paddler you need to have weather skills on lock. Knowing how to read a forecast and how to interpret the data for your chosen put in is key to overall enjoyment and also SUP safety. Which we’re also very hot on (pun intended!).

McConks inflatable paddle board partner #2
Paddle days under a warm sun.

But we digress. Back to what those lovely weather people are saying and it’s good news. As everyone will know it hasn’t been bad these last few weeks. Not really. Interspersed with those annoying droplets have been sunny and fine weather. Just no real heat and a nagging wind for most places. Well, that looks set to change as of now. For most places, but not all, as we say.

Here’s the actually Met Office outlook for this week.


Settled and dry with light winds, excepting northwest Scotland.


Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, brisk winds, and cool temperatures for far north and northwest of Scotland. Elsewhere dry save for an isolated shower, with bright or sunny spells, light winds, and warm to locally very warm temperatures.


Remaining cloudier in the north, especially northwest, with further periods of rain affecting northwest Scotland. Elsewhere, dry with clear spells developing, and turning locally chilly.


Much the same as Tuesday, although increased risk of showers for Northern Ireland. Generally warmer again for all, turning locally very hot across central and southern England.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Outbreaks of rain across the northwest, elsewhere dry with sunny spells, becoming very warm or hot by Friday. Turning fresher from the northwest Saturday with thundery rain in the south.

Note the above which is when predictions suggest the main bout of warm weather will hit. If you want to score the very best of it for stand up paddle boarding then Thurs to Sat is looking the most likely. That’s good news for anyone stuck at work this week as you should at least nab one day.

For those not so constrained, we’d suggest keeping your options open from today right through as you could score multiple paddle sessions. Which is no bad thing. Our advice is keep your eyes and ears tuned to your local forecast as well as observe what’s going on through your window. If it’s looking like a green light then get gone!

And don’t forget if you need anything for SUP the McConks webshop is chock full of goodies.

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