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The one way of life road trip | SUP4 x McConks

A few months back, we sent some of our friends on a road trip to some of our partners and friends, to shoot some content and have some fun.

We chose people and companies who are passionate about paddleboarding, who are in it for the long haul, and who, generally, share the same principles as we do at McConks – community, sustainability, fun. We couldn’t get to all of those who share our principles, because we just didn’t have enough time – so sorry to the dozens of companies who volunteered their time, but whom we couldn’t get to (1).

Here’s the first of them – the lovely Rachel from SUP4 – who’s recently moved her business base from London back to her home ground in Northumberland, explaining why she chose McConks.

Rachel from SUP4

Thanks Rach for your kind words, and good luck with your new base. We’re looking forward to helping you settle and grow into 2024.

Thanks to the Levellers for letting us use the anthemic One Way as the soundtrack to these videos. This was a special version of the song they recorded during lockdown. The lyrics of this song perfectly sum up the McConks view of the world “There’s only one way of life – and that’s your own”.

Thanks also to Daniel James Media for capturing and producing the video. Amazing content as always.


(1) All of the individuals and companies involved volunteered their time. No money or products were given as enticements, other than some merch of nominal value (sunglasses and hats!)

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