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The month of SUPtember – a great time for paddle boarding.

With beaches, lakes and rivers now being so much quieter – due mostly because of summer holidays having now ended – September (or SUPtember as we like to call it) is a cracking time to be a paddle boarder. So what are you waiting for? Time to get amongst it and head off for a float.

General September weather.

SUPtember weather is often still warm, sunny and blissful. We may not get the heady heatwave heights of high season 2022 (although we coudl still have something yet!) but often Indian Summer conditions permeate. Air temperatures remain warm and pleasant with plenty of good conditions to celebrate.

There’s always a risk that Atlantic low pressures will swing in – which they often do. SUP surfers and white water paddlers will rejoice if this should be the case as there’s more likelyhood of surf and flow in rivers. It’s early autumn though so we’re only just revving up in terms of storm activity. Although remnant hurricane systems can also swoop in from across the pond. Still, SUPtember is generally a decent month for weather.

September can still off some cracking paddle board days.

General September water warmth.

Waterways – oceans and inland stretches – are at their warmest right now. This is peak heat. As we head through September and into October those levels will start to drop. Although we have until at least December before it starts getting cold.

Early September will often see water temperatures requriing less SUP wear than later in the month. So if you can it’s certainly worth making full use of what’s on offer right now. Summer 2022 heatwave conditions have seen an increase in water heat right across the board (no pun intended). Whilst this is a further signal of how climate change is impacting our planet there’s a silver lining for paddlers.

Long range forecast for SUPtember 2022.

Looking at Met Office long range weather predictions and it’ll be a mixed bag for general conditions. There’ll be a spot of rain, some cooler thermometer readings and warm, sunnier days all in the mix. Depending where you are in the country will also affect things a tad. No less there’ll be windows of opportunity to make use of good SUP weather when you can. Best advice is to keep and eye on proceedings and jump when you can.

SUPtember can also serve up conditions like this if you’re after them!

Here’s what the Met Office say –

Tuesday 6 Sep – Thursday 15 Sep

Tuesday is likely to bring some unsettled weather for much of the UK, with many places seeing showers. The southeast may have the best chance of drier conditions, whilst in the south and far north strong winds will persist. Elsewhere, lighter winds may allow some mist or fog patches overnight. This unsettled picture is likely to continue for the rest of the week, with a continued risk of very heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, but drier and brighter spells are also likely. Into the weekend and the following week some drier conditions are possible, but still a risk of showers in many places. Temperatures likely around average throughout, but a chance of some cooler conditions under any prolonged rainfall.

Friday 16 Sep – Friday 30 Sep

Throughout this period, it’s likely the country will experience an east-west split in conditions, with eastern parts seeing the driest weather with the most sunshine, and western parts experiencing more rain or showers at times. Nocturnal mist or fog patches are expected to become more common through the period, with these conditions being most likely in the south and east. Temperatures are likely to be above average for most.

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