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The month of May (for SUP) – long range paddling weather predictions.

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With May being a much warmer month (traditionally) it’s a time that sees a whole host of paddlers hit the water. Easter’s been and gone and with it those sometimes nagging colder air temperatures. May sees the mercury levels rise significantly and whilst still early in the season it can often be warm and pleasant. Perfect to entice any stand up paddler out for a float.

If you follow McConks’ blog regularly you’ll have seen posts like this before. We look at what’s being predicted for long range weather. Mostly with info from the Met Office. Although we do cross reference this with other weather data sources. (That’s always good practice when searching for any kind of weather info). Long range weather predictions give a signal of what’s potentially to come. It’s not guaranteed. But with the busy lives, we lead it’s nice to at least get a feel of what may be inbound and whether you can plan a few SUP sessions around Mother Nature’s moods.

Weather interpretations.

The good news is in the short terms the Uk’s weather (generally – as this is a broad prediction) will remain settled, fine and dry. There may be scattered showers and bursts of heavier rain but this should hopefully be few and far between. In any case paddling in slightly dam conditions is no biggy. We know it’s more the breeze which can be prohibitive for SUP. But as things stand the wind will remain light in most areas. Unsettled conditions will perhaps come into play during the latter part of May. But even then, reading what the Met say, this’ll be interspersed with better weather. All in this is good news for paddlers right across the, ahem, board. There should be plenty of opportunity to enjoy some fair weather SUP. So our advice is get out there and get amongst it!

Here’s the full Met Office long range forecast for the month of May ’22

Saturday 7 May – Monday 16 May

Settled weather is likely to dominate for much of this period, bringing fine and dry conditions to many areas, especially in the south. Northerly regions are more likely to see a scattering of showers, interspersed by bands of more persistent or heavier rain at times. Winds should be generally light to moderate, but occasionally stronger in the north. Temperatures are likely to remain above average, except nearer to the coast and perhaps in the far north, which may see slightly cooler conditions. Coastal areas may also experience periods of low cloud or fog. The very end of the period may start to see a change to slightly more unsettled conditions, bringing periods of rain or showers more widely across the country.

Tuesday 17 May – Tuesday 31 May

Into the second half of May lower pressure is more likely, bringing a change to more generally unsettled conditions, with spells of rain or showers for most. However, some drier spells are still possible in the south. Temperatures are likely to remain near or above normal throughout.

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