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The hard work starts now for the #MalteseSUPproject

The #MalteseSUPproject had had a great day today, covering the best part of 15km despite heavy seas and strong winds.

They’ve just reached the South East tip of Malta, making camp overnight in a rather rocky and brutalist industrial landscape at Marsallox.  It took getting up at sunrise and paddling till mid afternoon to cover 15km, so progress is slower than the team would like due to the swell and wind conditions.


Launching and landing in particular have been a challenge today with onshore winds and heavy seas causing concern.  And whilst inflatable SUP are much more resilient than hard boards to knocks on rocks, reefs and shorebreaks, you can’t take too many hits on sharp rocky shores before something gives.   This will be an increasing problem for the team over the next couple of as they’re entering the high cliff rocky shore section, so places to land and make camp will be few and far between. Tomorrow will almost certainly be another long day of paddling to find somewhere accessible enough to stop.

Good luck team!

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