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Find your freedom with the great reset 2021

What is the great reset?

We’re devoting the first quarter of 2021 to those people, companies, organisations, who give us hope and positivity for 2021. The ones who inspire us, who make us strive to be better people, a better company. Who make the world seem a better place, and whose posts or company brighten up the gloomiest of days.

We’re doing this as part of an initiative we’re calling #thegreatreset (yes, we know, but think it’s funny)

Why? Because our instagram feed is full of influencers, of marketeers, and of people who want to sell us something we dont need. Whether that be a fake lifestyle, fake reviews, or throwaway products.

We hope that by resharing content from real inspirational people and profiles, rather than #influencers, we’ll reset our #insta feed. And we hope it can help you do the same!

So every day we’re going to focus on one profile. Follow them to be inspired!

We started this before the new lockdown was announced, but it seems to have an even great relevance now. These are people and companies who have the stories, the messages, the humour and the strength to see us through this. Make sure you follow them!

Day 1 – Rapid Skills and Cotswold Water Park Hire

@rapid_skills and @cotswoldwaterparkhire
Our first professional partner and demo centre 5 long years ago, and the coaching company based there. Everything they do is done for the right reasons. At the heart of both companies: ethics, principles, humour (often dark!), environment, safety, people, skills development, humour. All the things that make them fun to be around, and that inspire us.

If you’re looking to try canoe/kayak/sup for the first time, lake 86 is a great place to do just that when the weather wants up.

If you’ve recently got a paddleboard for a christmas and are nervous about your next steps, Rapid Skills run a short sup safety course aimed at people just like you. The intention is to get people of the water safely, with the skills to do their first short river or coastal trips.

If you’re looking to level up your paddleskills, Rapid Skills also provide one on one coaching. Covid tiers/rules allowing of course.


Day 2 – Mere Mountains

@mere_mountains , like every single outdoor ed centre in England and Wales has been shut since the start of Lockdown in April. A service that does so much to teach our kids to love the outdoors. Instructors to inspire confidence in the most timid of children. Leaders who can calm the most anxious of children, and give them team building, confidence boosting and communication skills that they build on through their development. This is especially important for those children who would not otherwise get those opportunities. Vulnerable or disadvantaged kids. A whole year has missed these opportunities.