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the good news and the bad news

An explosion in SUP popularity

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, which gives you an idea how busy this spring and summer has been.  It has been an unbelievably manic year, both for our SUP and accessories sales business and our hire business

Why is everyone sold out of SUP boards?

Why has it been so busy? A combination of the amazing weather and the growth of SUP have put more people in contact with people who SUP. The good weather means that people are spending more time on beaches and by rivers and lakes, and coming into contact with the ever increasing number of people who are SUPing.  Add to this the awesome reviews our kit is getting and our ever improving brand awareness, and we have been totally taken aback by the demand!

Here’s some of the startling figures for this year

  1. The number of hits to our website has quadrupled, and the number of organic hits increased fivefold
  2. We have sold four times as many SUP boards as this time least year
  3. We have sold on average 1 short river fin a day for the past six weeks
  4. We are now selling out before products even land in the UK.

So the bad news is that we are sold out of all SUP packages, other than the Go Wild, Go Surf and Go Free packages.

We will have more Go Anywhere and Go Explore stock available for delivery at the end of August, but we’re currently taking pre-orders on those, and they are likely to be out of stock mid August.

We will have no more Go Simple boards available until 2019 sorry.

And for those of you disappointed by this, please don’t phone, email or message us asking to confirm if this is really true, and if we have some stock kept in reserve.  We don’t. We are definitely out of stock. We can’t magic boards from thin air. And we don’t have any that we can lend, hire or rent until September.

The good news…

…is that we have loads of paddles, fins, electric pumps, bags and leashes.

And the very good news is that our sensational bamboo and wooden floating polarised sunglasses have finally arrived. Those of you who have been waiting patiently will be getting your glasses within the next few days – thanks for your patience!

Wooden grey polarised sunglasses

Current McConks SUP stock level

To check on stock level visit or

Summer hiatus

Family McConks will be taking a very well earned rest from 31st July to 20th August. Which is pretty good timing as our  next shipment should be arriving that week!  But the shop will be closed between 31 July and 19 August, and responses to communications will be a little slower than normal.

So all that remains to be said for now is thanks, and have a great summer.  Make the most of this weather as much as you possibly can!

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