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The euphoria and buzz surrounding a solid wave forecast – coastal SUP at its most exciting.

The last few days have seen pumping swells along all coastlines. If you’ve been stuck inland, away from saltwater (and SUP surf), then this will have been frustrating to say the least. If you’ve been lucky enough to have made use of the surf, however, then great.

Even with Lockdown 3.0 currently in effect there’s no question around the buzz of a solid wave pulsing into shore. You don’t have to be a ‘surfer’ to appreciate the power of the ocean. Maybe it’s the salty air, and this positively affects people’s moods, which causes the excitement levels to rise. Or possibly it’s just being able to witness such raw power on display.

Long lines of solid swell.

Of course, with surfing/SUP surfing conditions there are downsides. Beaches erode away, property can be damaged and in the worst cases riders who choose to venture out get themselves into difficulty – particularly if they’re not experienced enough to deal with what’s on offer (if in doubt don’t go out!). But the buzz is tangible. Phones come out to capture the action on film or in photo mode, kids giggle and jump around when plumes of spray rocket skyward, adults ooooo and aaaahh as cracking lips explode into shallow water, the ground shaking as whompers smack down. From a distance it sounds like an earthquake. In close quarters it can be freight train esque.

If you’re one of the adept paddlers who can ride these kind of waves, and happen to be captured in the action, then the accolades bestowed on your by fellow rippers and onlookers alike certainly massage the ego. The trick is to not let the praise go to your head. Rockstar syndrome is a real thing within stand up paddle boarding – as a recent McConks social media post describes.

Winter can certainly be exciting for weather. When Neptune and Mother Nature conspire the spectacle can be breath taking. There’s no question about it. When a weather event occurs levels of euphoria certainly increase. And it’s not hard to understand why. As long as everyone stays safe – on the shore and in the water – then these are memories that’ll last forever.

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