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The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) recently awarded the ISA (International Surfing Association ) the right to lead SUP at Olympic level – but does anyone care?

Pic: ISA / Sean Evans

Last week The Court of Arbitration for Sport awarded the International Surfing Association the right to lead stand up paddle boarding in its Olympic bid for inclusion. After a long legal battle with the ICF (International Canoeing Federation), who also staked a claim, a decision has been reached, which concerned parties now state will accelerate SUP move forwards in a positive fashion. But does the layman paddler actually care?

For anyone actively competitive in SUP this news will be an interesting victory. Ultimately, whatever anyone says, it’s been an ‘ownership’ battle. But those who consider themselves ‘SUP athletes’ should soon have a clear path to the hallowed Olympic platform – arguably ‘the best of the best arena’ where the elite of each discipline can prove themselves.

The majority of recreational paddlers, however, won’t give two hoots about the above. Stand up paddle boarding is, for the masses, about having fun in the sun, floating about with friends and family and enjoying the outdoors. Serious competition is a world away. Granted, a % of newbies may go on to become SUP athletes, but many won’t.

Having staged successful SUP competitions in the past the ISA does have pedigree in the organisation of stand up paddle board events. Its test as an organisation, and whether the CAS decision was correct, will come down to getting SUP into The Games and delivering on its promise to those who’ve made SUP their life goal. Sponsored riders and SUP professionals need an outlet to prove their worth after all.

For the rest of us, we’ll continue as we’ve done so: enjoying time afloat and paddling waterways of all types. Whether or not stand up appears at The Olympic Games is neither here nor there. It may prick interests should that come to fruition at the time but as it stands, whilst this is indeed a landmark decision, 90% of the SUP population won’t have noticed…

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