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Summer’s done: time to hang your SUP up, right?

Pics: Chris Jones. At time of writing the UK is experiencing some late summer heat. With air temperature high, wind levels low and waters still relatively warm it’s certainly still possible to paddle in summer gear. For some, this’ll be all the sweeter with schools back and the majority working again – quiet beaches and […]

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP looks amazing. How do we know this? Well, take a look at Chris Jones’ images (which you can see more of in the McConks SUP community Facebook group here) and we think you’ll agree. There’s something quite special about sunny blue skies, glassy water, SUP, snow and ice together. The whole thing […]

SUP safety: how cold is too cold to SUP?

National lockdowns aside the current UK weather (as of Jan 5, 2020) is on the cooler side to say the least. During the last few days many parts of the country have seen snow flurries, with a few locations having a decent, settled dusting. Even as far as the extreme south coast, where it rarely […]