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Hot, hot, hot (again!) – weather trend as of July 4, 2020.

It’s almost a carbon copy of last week with regard to the UK’s weather. Whilst it’s not cold per se there’s certainly unsettled conditions in some areas at time of posting. A north/south divide pretty much sums up proceedings early doors but as we head ever closer to the weekend (Fri July 7, Sat July 8, Sun July 9) every indication suggestions high pressure moves in and we’ll see some scorchio conditions again. It may, in parts, get even hotter than last week.

Winds should also, by and large, stay light in most places. Of course, local effects will come in to play. Just because the forecast for your area of interest doesn’t suggest a little breeze don’t think there won’t be any – especially for coastal put ins where sea breezes are prevalent. That said, however, low gust speeds are mostly on the cards so stand up paddling without too much hindrance from Mother Nature should be the go. Best course of action is check predictions each day for the times you plan to go afloat (and where). Then make plans accordingly.

Weather plays a big part with UK SUP – if you hadn’t already guessed. Which is why we talk about it here at McConks. If you’re a newbie SUPer and not used to checking, interpreting and deciding with weather info in mind now’s the time to start. Any paddler with experience will do this to make sure they score good SUP conditions in as a safe an environment as possible. Also, if you’re looking for specific criteria, such as wave heights for SUP surfing then becoming an amateur meteorologist is good practise.

Weather for the week ahead.

It'll be a tale of two halves weatherwise this week…cool and unsettled, then very warm and settled.. here's the detail:

Posted by Met Office on Sunday, August 2, 2020