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SUP schools/coaches/instructors and watersports centres – the time is now (for 2021 pre-order equipment deals)!

We’re now definitely into post-summer, or autumn if you will. That’s not to say good weather’s done – far from it. There’ll be plenty of chance to get out for a float in the coming weeks for those of a fair weather bent. Anyone one committed will, of course, keep SUPing through winter regardless.

From McConks’ point of view we’re already looking at summer of SUP 2021 – we have been for a while. Anyone following our blog posts regularly will have seen this. There are new products in the pipeline – see this post here for more info on those – as well as keeping with what we know already works. For next year/season we’re keen to build on our relationships with SUP schools, stand up paddle boarding rental businesses, SUP instructors, watersports clubs and adventure centres. We can offer good deals on pre-order stand up paddle boarding equipment. So if you’re looking to replace your fleet of SUP boards, paddles and accessories then now’s the time to get in touch.

And don’t forget: whilst stand up paddle board‘s our bread and butter we know our onions when it comes to the wider world of watersports. We can also supply crossover windSUP/wing SUP boards as well as wing surfing wings themselves and inflatable windsurf rigs which are all great tools for teaching, safe for learning and offer another way of getting wet when the breeze blows.

So if you’re part of the industry and considering your SUP equipment options for 2021 give us a shout to see what we can do for you.

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Here at McConks we’re already looking towards 2021’s season as before you know it’ll be winter with that portly chap in red suit making an appearance – we can’t sit on our laurels. If you’ve been following McConks for a while you may have seen articles/posts about new gear we’re currently developing across various disciplines – windsurf and stand up paddling. This is based on feedback from various corners including watersports clubs and coaches we currently work with.

McConks has always appealed to clubs because of the versatility, robust nature and fit for purpose nature of our gear. Building on this the range for 2021 will increase. In particular, the inflatable windsurf sails we’ve talked about, kid’s specific SUP kit (windsurf and race SUP), potentially hard crossover windSUP boards (yet to be tested) and a whole bunch of other equipment bits designed to further enhance your water life and living. Basically there’s something to suit all disciplines, from beginners to intermediate right the way up to advanced riders.

If you’re a watersports club specialising in either windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding or both then McConks can offer you decent bulk order rates. We’re keen to work closer with clubs and help more people get into watersports which is why we’re offering this.

Everyone knows that grassroots clubs are where the watersports seed gets sown – especially for kids. Those who mightn’t have access to windsurf and stand up paddle equipment get the opportunity to take part in otherwise inaccessible activities. There are numerous stories of super successful athletes who’ve started out in similar fashion.

For watersports clubs interested in taking advantage of pre-order 2021 deals on McConks SUP, windSUP and windsurfing equipment now’s the time to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Contact for further info and pricing structures.