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McConks SUP: keeping things going through winter with Waterland Outdoor Activities.

Pic: Daniel James Pix

Winter is definitely looming with weather having mostly taken a tumble. But as we’ve said in other articles: just because it isn’t summer anymore doesn’t mean your stand up paddle boarding has to come to a grinding halt. In fact, far from it. With the correct water wear there’s absolutely no reason not to paddle during the off season – especially when things are this fun!

Waterland Outdoor Activites – friends of McConks SUP – are a case in point. Keeping on with stand up (at our local haunt no less – Lake32 at the Cotswold Water Park) the crew is loaning the McConks inflatable obstacles and a McConks Mega iSUP. Simply put: it doesn’t matter if the days are getting shorter and temperatures are becoming chillier. With fun like this on offer at SUP 32 Club (d’ya see what they did there?) there’s no reason not to indulge.

What are you doing to make winter a season of SUP fun?