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SUP hacks, tricks and tips: home paddling edition.

SUP hacks, tricks and tips: home paddling edition.

As part of our ongoing series hacks, tips and tricks for stand up paddle boarding, and combined with our recent post about virtual SUP holidays/trips, we thought we would share a few ideas about how to keep paddling at home.

There are lots of videos doing the rounds on social media about how to achieve this currently but in case you’ve missed these here are McConks’ top ways of achieving virtual SUP Nirvana in your own domain.


Probably the easiest way to get some resistance on your SUP paddle shaft is attaching some bungee chord. You’ll need a firmly fixed point to actually attach the bungee at one end. And then paddlers will need to locate the fulcrum point on their paddle shaft. Too low or too high and it won’t work. Raising yourself off the ground will help with clearance if you’re going to be using an actual stand up paddle board paddle – more on this in a mo.

If you want to increase the power, and you have long enough chord, doubling up the bungee will increase resistance. Whatever you do make sure that both the end attached to a fixed point and the end attached to your paddle is solid. The last thing you want is the bungee pinging back and spanking you in the face!


An inflatable board is perfect for a spot of virtual home SUP. Unlike a hard board you don’t need to be ultra-careful not to damage it. Obviously, though, remove the fins! It’s then worth raising your SUP up a fraction to help with paddle blade clearance. You also don’t want to damage your blade!

IMPORTANT! Make sure whatever used to raise your stand up paddle board is solid and not likely to collapse, fail and cause you injury. You can use a trellis system, bricks or even a wobble cushion more commonly paired with balance boards. And speaking of balance boards: if you’re particularly cat-like then placing your SUP on top of balance board and using in the same way atop a roller will further enhance your experience. Again, if you do opt for this then BE CAREFUL! Attach your SUP to the balance board via roof rack straps. Just make sure they’re tight enough.

If you haven’t seen McConks’ awesome balance boards, made by the amazing Daddyboards, then check them out. If you want an additional training tool for SUP, or just fancy something for messing about on whilst improving your balance, then head over to the shop and the balance board page –

Additional ambience

If you want to take things a step further then you can add additional ambience for enhanced land SUPing. We’ve seen virtual reality headsets used but that may be too techy for many.

Getting the hosepipe out and having your kids or partner spray you with wet stuff is an obvious one. If no hose to hand then get a bucket of water chucked your way. Just don’t blame us if they decide to also lob the bucket at you! (Fortunately, the UK’s weather at the moment is sublime so getting a little damp is no issue – you’ll dry off quickly).

Looking to Easter Weekend

Some showery rain is likely this #Easter weekend, and as cooler air moves in there will be a drop in temperatures too, though it will still be warmer than average for most.Despite some fine weather, remember to #StayHomeSaveLives

Posted by Met Office on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

We also talked about using sounds from apps like Spotify and in our virtual SUP holiday post. It’s the same with virtual home SUP in general. Ambient sounds of the sea or other can help create an atmosphere fit for stand up paddling – whatever floats your boat, er SUP, really.

Let us know your tips for home SUP or stand up paddle boarding in general.

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Out and about – virtual stand up paddle boarding trips/holidays in the comfort of your own home.

Garden paddling illustration

Out and about – virtual stand up paddle boarding trips/holidays in the comfort of your own home.

Shouldn’t you be on your annual early-season SUP trip right about now? Maybe you were waiting for Easter hols before hitting go. Or perhaps that paddling holiday was a few weeks away, but now not likely to happen due to global health events. So what to do?

The World Wide Web is flooded with inventive ways of keeping entertained. From rave sheds, complete with thumping beats and strobe lights, to stand up paddlers being splashed with water whilst ‘paddling the bungee’; trying to get a regular SUP fix is still a thing.

Taking this a step further creating a ‘holiday ambience/vibe’ around your virtual paddling is one solution to the SUP trip conundrum during lockdown. If it’s a sandy escape you’re looking for then scattering some around your SUPing area can be a good shout – kiddy play pits a good source for the grainy yellow stuff. Alternatively, if you have to be inside, then sand coloured carpet could work. Failing that colour in some bits of paper yellow and place beneath your board.

If you’re outdoors then you can utilise things like inflatable paddling pools and any offspring willing to help splash you with water. Wear your shorts/bikini or lighter weight paddling apparel; don’t forget your sunnies and make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen. (Fortunately the UK’s weather, in a lot of places at least right now, is bright and warm enough for this to not be a chore). There are lots of other ways you can recreate SUP in home or back garden –  let us know your ideas.

Then you’ll need to create the actual ambience of being abroad on away on a trip.

Plenty of ‘tools’ are available to help with this. Spotify, for instance, has lots of options to help create an illusion of SUP. From Comfortable Californian Ocean Waves sounds –


To Stimulating Pebbly Ocean loops –


There’re literally hundreds. You could have something like this playing out of smart speakers or coming through your ear buds, depending on how crowded your location is and not potentially wanting to annoy some with your antics.

Another option is utilising something like Radio Garden gives access to radio stations across the globe. Perhaps you fancy a stab at some French SUP action down Biscarosse way? No probs; click on the relevant station link to have your space filled with French accents, and voila! instantaneous thoughts of Francais SUP and you being virtually transported to the land of baguettes and berets –

Maybe you then combine the above with some oceanic sounds via another device (x2 soundways) to give even more of an authentic paddling experience. Basically, getting creative will yield best results. We know it’s not the real deal but during times like this needs must. Using your imagination is a must but it’s something fun to mess about with and while away the hours until actual paddling is back on the cards. Oh, and we’ll add that a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect for this kind of thing as you’ll have no fear of damaging your SUP whilst messing about on land.

Let us know what you’re doing to make sure your paddle trip still goes ahead during lockdown.