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SUP tips, hacks and tricks – Tez Plavenieks, SUP Mag UK editor.

In our previous post a regarding SUP tips, hacks and tricks we asked you to come forward with your little tidbits of info that can help everyday paddlers whatever the skill level. For this one we got SUP Mag UK editor Tez Plavenieks to give us his SUP hack.

Over to Tez who spills the beans on electrical tape and its multiple uses within stand up paddle boarding. Who’d have thought?

Electrical tape can be used for al sorts of things within SUP. Tez suggests carrying a spare roll with you on the water. That way if the connection between you handle and paddle shaft, or paddle shaft and blade becomes damaged you can quickly fix it. It’s not a long term solution but it’ll suffice to keep your session going.

Also, if you’re after extra grip on your paddle you could use shaft wax. That, however, doesn’t always suit everyone as it can be a bit messy. Enter our old pal electrical tape again. Simply wind some tape around the shaft and enjoy better grip/non-slip. You can also customise your paddle with funky electrical tape designs. Leave it a while to adhere before going afloat and you’ll be all set.

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SUP hacks, tips and tricks to help you progress as a stand up paddle boarder – WE NEED YOU!

SUP hacks, tips and tricks to help you progress as a stand up paddle boarder – WE NEED YOU!

It doesn’t matter what standard of paddler you are, there’s always something new to learn. The smallest tidbits of info can often make the biggest differences. How’s the old saying go? ‘Every day’s a school day’. And whether you appreciate cliches or not nothing could be truer when it comes to SUP.

With the above in mind McConks is rolling out an ongoing series of SUP hacks, tips and tricks. (We’ve used the term ‘SUP hack’ for a while so it makes sense to keep on following this path). Moving forwards we’re asking everyone involved with stand up paddle boarding to share their SUP hacks, tips and tricks with us. This’ll hopefully help when we’re able to paddle again.

Pic Credit Ben Arthur, Cotswold Water Park Trust

You don’t have to have an associated with McConks SUP either. This is something that’s being flung out to the wider SUP fraternity – after all: ‘knowledge is power‘ (to quote another one of those phrases!).

Whether you be a SUP instructor, brand professional, recreational paddler, fledgeling beginner or other simply whack your phone out and give us a brief explanation of what your SUP hack/tip is, in video form if possible, but just telling us is fine as well. It can be anything! And it can be more than one; you may have plenty. McConks will then add this to our weekly SUP hacks/tips series that we’ll publish here on the site. Of course, whoever contributes will receive full credit. We can add links and mentions where necessary to throw the favour back your way.

So, get your SUP hack thinking hat and get in touch with yours.

First up we have McConks’ brand owner Andy’s kids giving you their sage stand up paddle boarding advice.

You’ll find loads more essential stand up paddle board knowledge by hitting up the McConks Knowledge Hub page.