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Weekend SUP – McConks’ Andy talks to The Guardian newspaper about stand up paddle boarding’s surge in popularity.

We’re not sure what this’ll look like yet as it was only yesterday evening (Aug 6, 2020) that Andy spoke to The Guardian newspaper. What we do know, however, is the paper will be running a weekend piece on stand up paddle boarding for their lifestyle section. This is quite timely with a UK heatwave starting to hit which’ll see plenty of paddlers out afloat and therefore interests will be heightened further.

As we understand it they’ve also spoke to a couple of others from the UK’s SUP industry and the journalist in question is currently having a lesson with Paul Hyman from Active360 to get a real flavour of what stand up is all about.

The last time SUP was featured in a broadsheet (The Times, a few months back) it wasn’t 100% representative of SUP’s true demographic. Whilst the text was admirable the accompanying images featured too many of the ‘beautiful’ and not really any of those ‘real world’ paddlers most of us are. Hopefully this will be different, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Keep your eyes peeled for the piece this coming weekend in The Guardian.