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SUP Mag UK (SUPM) reviews the McConks Go Race V 14′ in their imminent summer issue.

We’re proud of McConks’ Go Race V 14‘, which we talked about in a previous post. But we don’t just want you to take our word for it that it’s an awesome inflatable race board (with plenty of versatility). No siree. For further opinion on the McConks Go Race V 14 check out the latest issue of SUP Mag UK where you’ll find a full review.

As many will know McConks doesn’t do that many of this type of review. Mainly because magazines ask for advertising revenue in return, so essentially ‘paying to play’, which we don’t agree with. Where’s the impartiality in that? We’ve been featured in SUPM’s reviews/tests for a while though which shoudl tell you something.

If you want to scope the Go Race write up then you’ll need to follow this link to get yourself a copy of the issue which lands on Monday August 10, 2020 in digital form. As we understand it the printed version will follow a few days later.

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SUP Mag UK reviews McConks’ Go Fly 5m wingfoil/wingsurf/wing SUP wing.

SUP Mag UK has helped with impartial feedback during the development process of the McConks Go Fly 5m wing off the back of our R&D programme that ran during the latter part of 2019/early 2020. Having gotten hold of initial versions of the Go Fly (of which they also published a review) the model currently on sale in McConks’ online shop (V4) is now up on SUPM’s website as its own write up. This originally appeared in their New Year edition although since there have been more sessions on the water with the Go Fly 5m – and some on land as well! After all, wings are versatile by nature and able to accommodate skate style or even snow style riding (if you hadn’t already scoped that).

You can read what SUPM has to say about the Go Fly 5m wing by following this link.

And for even more wind related SUP info head across to our ultimate windSUP/windsurf/wing surf/wing foil guide here.