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Summer sunshine SUP – high season paddling has finally arrived 100%!

Summer sunshine SUP seems to have finally arrived in the UK this week. At time of writing (June 28, 2024) there’s generally been good SUP conditions in lots of areas. Granted, this isn’t blanket wide. But we’ll take it. McConks summer SUP gear. With better weather in mind now’s time to grab yourself some awesome […]

Paddle boarding initiatives 2024 – awesome things McConks are doing this year.

Paddle boarding initiatives are things McConks believe wholeheartedly in. Whilst we’re a paddle boarding brand, selling equipment (along with outdoor adventure gear) we’re also keen to give back. Every year we try to raise our game in terms of making McConks McConks more sustainable. Or supporting charities and organisations making a difference. Here are some […]

SUP Lass Paddle Adventures Amazon SUP Challenge 2024.

SUP Lass Paddle Adventures – aka Caz Dawson – along with Jonathan Gill and Matthew Phillips will be paddling a 330km route along the Amazon River. The Amazon SUP Challenge 2024 takes place between 2nd-10th June 2024 and McConks has been chosen as the team’s board sponsor. Engagement with local communities via SUP. The aim […]

Paddle boarding – looking for inspirational places to paddle in Wales?

Paddle boarding in Wales is something we love. The very lovely Lisa and Charlie Drewe have spent years exploring every last nook and cove of Wales to put together this inspirational top 100 list of places to paddle board in Wales. Paddle boarding chat and coffee was the order of the day when we met […]

Outdoor adventure combos – 5 fun ways to combine your favourite activities.

Outdoor adventure can be found anywhere – we promote this a lot. But outdoor adventure isn’t just limited to one thing. Sure, you can focus on a specific discipline for the window of opportunity you have. What may be more rewarding, however, is combining two (or more) of the passions you have. Combining activities can […]

Planning a Thrilling Multi-Day Whitewater Paddleboarding Adventure Introduction: Planning a Multi-Day Whitewater Paddleboarding Trip Embarking on a multi-day whitewater paddleboarding trip is an exciting adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in nature while challenging your paddling skills. Proper planning, experience, gear, and support are crucial for a successful and enjoyable trip. In this article, […]

Paddle board maximum inflation pressure for McConks paddle boards – IMPORTANT

McConks paddleboards | Made for Adventure | Built to last

Paddle board maximum inflation pressure needs to be a certain PSI. We’ve been contacted by a number of customers who have noticed that some brands have been reducing their maximum pressure guarantee, and have been asking if we’re going to be doing the same. Paddle board definites! We can confidently state that we WILL NOT […]

Inflatable paddle boards – so what really is the best technology?

McConks paddleboards | Made for Adventure | Built to last

Inflatable paddle boards are often touted as being the best by many brands. We’ve heard and seen a lot as McConks. We’ve been around since 2015, and have seen technology change massively in that period – always for the better. And the biggest change has been the development of woven drop stitch, making premium quality […]

“If I started a new paddleboard school now, every board would be McConks”

McConks reviews

Paddleboard schools carrying only McConks SUPs? As flattering as it is to hear this, and to hear this as regularly as we do, it’s also a little frustrating. Paddleboard compliments like this are great. Yes, we know we shouldn’t be frustrated, because compliments like this mean that we’re clearly doing what we set out to […]

We don’t do Black Friday, but…

Black friday

…it’s tough this year isn’t it? But we do have some great initiatives, changes and offers to share if you read on. What’s going on with 2022 eh? Interest rates going up, energy bills through the roof, food price inflation higher than it has been for decades, and all this while pay rises are in […]

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – Al Storer whitewater SUP edition.

The whitewater river SUP and McConks connection is strong. We’ve had lots of whitewater SUP river paddlers give us their input over the years. So much so that a bunch of MCconks paddle boards are optimised for this very thing. Of course, that’s with additional versatility included as we don’t want to pigeon hole too […]

McConks SUP boards to make the most of winter paddling.

It’s coming! You know it is… Winter isn’t too far away. Before long those brown leaves will have been shed, air and water temperatures will have dropped with frosts making themselves known. Although we can’t halt winter there’ll be plenty of warmer days – relative to seasonality – up until Christmas. (All being well). We can […]

October half term essential kiddy watersports & adventure ‘toys’.

Any parent knows that keeping their kids amused during school holidays is a must. It can be a tricky time of year with the weather. But there’s often still an incentive to get outdoors and enjoy the elements (the bribe of ice cream being a good one!). Whether wind or calm being afloat is great […]

Summer’s done: time to hang your SUP up, right?

Pics: Chris Jones. At time of writing the UK is experiencing some late summer heat. With air temperature high, wind levels low and waters still relatively warm it’s certainly still possible to paddle in summer gear. For some, this’ll be all the sweeter with schools back and the majority working again – quiet beaches and […]

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – summer sizzler edition.

It’s no secret the UK’s weather has been sizzling hot of late. And we’ve been bang on keeping you up to date with heads up pots regarding conditions and how that could potentially affect your paddling. Everyone loves a bit of fair weather for SUP. Granted some days recently may have been too warm. But […]

5 summery SUP things to do with your paddle board.

Owning a paddle board gives you chance to literally go anywhere and do a whole heap of things on the water. With UK summer in full effect getting afloat is a must. But SUP isn’t just confined to floating mere yards from shore. Here are five easy things to tick off your SUP bucket list […]

McConks awesome SUP partner salute #6 the Rapid Skills crew.

Team Rapid Skills is made up of Joshua Telling, Tom Botterill and Holly Marshall. They’ve been an awesome McConks SUP partner for a while. Specialising in multiple paddle sports the group not only coaches paddle boarding they’re also dabbing hands at kayaking and, in fact, if it’s paddle sports we’re talking Rapid Skills are most […]

McConks awesome SUP partner salute #5 Fenwick Ridley.

One of our favourite wild swimming, paddle boarding and outdoor adventure chaps Fenwick Ridley is next up in our McConks awesome SUP partner series. Not only is Fenwick an avid wild swimmer – utilising spots around his Northumberland home – he’s a super keen bean paddle boarder who puts his skills to good use. Helping […]

SUP surfing commitment – staying stoked on wave riding.

SUP surfing isn’t an easy sport. As with prone surfing there’s much to learn and gain experience with. Yet it’s definitely one of the most fulfilling areas of stand up paddle boarding – if you commit! Whatever your level, be that beginner, intermediate, advanced or pro, commitment is key. Learning SUP surfing’s fundamentals, progressing important […]

What’s new for ’22 at McConks?

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes over the autumn and winter in our desire to always be improving and innovating. And, of course, when it’s quiet is the best time to be working on website and shop improvements and innovations, because we inevitably break something as we try to improve it! So what’s new […]

McConks Director Andy interviewed at Parliamentary paddleboard safety event.

On 8 March 2022, McConks Chief Exec Andy McConkey attended Westminster to take part in a stand up paddle board (SUP) safety event. MP for Cheltenham, Alex Chalk, QC hosted the event as one of his constituents, Simon Flynn, sadly died whilst on holiday in Cornwall in August 2020 after the paddleboard ankle leash he was […]

International SUP backyards: the Greek Ionian region.

International SUP backyards the Greek Ionian region.

SUP backyards takes in the Ionian region of Greece for this instalment. Sitting west of the Greek mainland the whole Ionian Sea area is vast. It’s been a yachting haven for years, with many a flotilla holiday taking place here. With reliable afternoon winds, calm mornings and hot, sunny summers it’s no wonder this has […]

Time, for learning something new with SUP?

Time, for learning something new with SUP

From the title of this post you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re going to be promoting the fact you should be learning new SUP skills and ways of being with the paddle. When actually what this article is about is indeed how tricky it can be learning something new. Especially when you’re perhaps lacking in […]

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides: Ammoudia, Acheron Delta, Epirus, Greece.

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides Ammoudia, Acheron Delta, Epirus, Greece.

Location: Ammoudia, Acheron Delta, Epirus, Greece. Spot type: Partially sheltered (in the bay), open water Mediterranean location occupying part of the Northern Ionian Sea. Conditions: Within Ammoudia’s Bay you have partially sheltered flat to moderately choppy water stand up paddle boarding. In summer Greece’s Meltemi thermal wind can kick in around noon and blow onshore. […]

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides: Airone, Sibari, Calabria, Italy.

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides Airone, Sibari, Calabria, Italy.

Location: Airone, Sibari, Calabria, Italy. Spot type: Open water, Mediterranean locations exposed to the Mistral wind when it blows. Some chop later in the day (summer) but often flat and calm during the morning. Lots of sand and perfect for families. Conditions: In summer Airone mornings can be super flat, calm and glassy – perfect […]

Thinking of starting a SUP business in 2022? Here’s the McConks take.

Thinking of starting a SUP business in 2022? Here's the McConks take.

SUP’s recent boom time has seen a resurgence of interest in stand up paddle boarding as a viable business opportunity. More specifically starting a SUP brand. And even more granular: starting a SUP brand dedicated to inflatable stand up paddle boards. It’s not hard to see why iSUPs, from a business point of view, make […]

SUP fundamentals: paddles and paddling.

SUP defining areas: paddles and paddling.

SUP paddles and paddling define what stand up paddle boarding is. Yet the amount of new recruits that miss this is significant. It’s not hard to understand why. Of all stand up paddling’s component parts it’s boards which are biggest and so stand out most. Even after carefully perusing all potential gear conversations invariably to […]

McConks awesomeness SUP pics – Instagram edition.

McConks awesomeness SUP pics - Instagram edition.

Usually, we pool the McConks awesomeness SUP pics from our fab McConks SUP paddlers who post in the McConks SUP community Facebook group. This time we plundering the McConks Instagram following. As there are plenty of SUP boarders who post pics there as well. Check out the hall of fame below before hitting up their […]

Paddleboarding, weather and SUP safety – almost everything you need to know.

Paddleboarding and the weather (especially in the UK) go hand in hand like cheese and pickle (OK, we know not everyone likes pickle, but that’s life!). If you don’t know what’s going on with the weather you’ll never enjoy your stand up paddle boarding to its full potential. And from a safety point of view […]

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP reel with Chris Jones (video).

Swedish winter SUP looks amazing. How do we know this? Well, take a look at Chris Jones’ images (which you can see more of in the McConks SUP community Facebook group here) and we think you’ll agree. There’s something quite special about sunny blue skies, glassy water, SUP, snow and ice together. The whole thing […]

SUP in tropical esque conditions (right on your doorstep).

SUP in tropical esque conditions (right on your doorstep).

SUP can take paddler anywhere, at any time of year. The weather also plays its part. At times when it should be a bit grotty you may get lucky and discover conditions altogether more idyllic. Such as tropical esque SUP conditions on your doorstep. As is the case here, in this paddler’s from the tail […]

Forcing the (SUP) issue – when ‘it’s’ just not right…

Forcing the (SUP) issue - when 'it's' just not right...

Forcing the issue with SUP can often be the case when ‘it’s’ not right. And by ‘it’ we’re talking about things like Mother Nature chucking her toys out the pram; your mojo missing in action; equipment failures/breakages; the list goes on. But when you’re keen as mustard what to do? Wanting some SUP action (badly). […]

SUP hack #23904: repairing an adjustable paddle shaft clamp (inner).

SUP hacks are extensive. Everyone has their own little ways of doing things to get stand up paddle boarding kit back in workable order. For this SUP hack, we look at adjustable paddles. More specifically we look at how to fix an adjustable paddle clamp. Adjustable SUP paddle locking mechanisms. You can most split adjustable […]

Christmas SUP gifts McConks style.

Christmas SUP gifts

Christmas SUP gifts can be anything applicable to the stand up paddler in your life. And there’s a lot of Christmas gift ideas (and lists) knocking about the internet at this time of year. Here at McConks we’re all about sustainability though – as many of you will know. We try our utmost to stick […]

McConks’ bitesize SUP travel guides: Bude Canal, Bude, Cornwall.

McConks' bitesize SUP travel guides Bude Canal, Bude, Cornwall.

Location: Bude Canal, Bude, Cornwall. Spot type: Manmade, inland waterway sheltered from all weathers and non-tidal. Conditions: Bude canal is very sheltered. Whilst not what you think of when visiting Bude (as the town’s more associated with surfing) the canal can serve as flat water respite when the Atlantic’s not playing ball. The start point […]

A sea salt affair: I am someone, I am me. Who are you?

I am me. I am someone who lives by the sea and enjoys their toes in the sand, the gently lapping waters of the ocean tickling my skin. I am someone who could do this for hours – days, weeks even! I am someone who enjoys walking barefoot along the coast, gazing out at stormy […]

Inflatable SUP paddle board for beginners

SUP noobs

Are you a SUP noob? If so, these are the absolute basics you need to know Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun relaxing and rewarding way to play on water. Relatively gear free, you can get out on the water, playing in river, or lakes or coastal waters. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer […]

What will your first stand up paddle of 2021 be like? #freedomunlocked

Pic: David Hughes/Brighton Pictures If you’re currently not paddling, because of COVID restrictions or the fact it’s brass monkeys, chances are daydreams of warmer, less stressful SUP days will be flowing through your mind. Daydreaming about stand up paddle boarding is normal. It can be an all consuming hobby – once bitten forever smitten, as […]

The long and short of it – lengthier SUPs: the best bet all round.

McConks Go Race V 14' long SUP

For most people, with whatever they do, path of least resistance is usually preferred. When talking physical activity ‘feeling’ like you’ve ‘done something’ is certainly desired. After all, if there’s no benefit, and you don’t actually ache a little post-exercise then what’s the point? And of course, the health benefits of moving and doing are […]

SUP for wheelchair users – McConks’ Mega lending a helping hand.

Pics: Steve Nelson It’s not always easy for disabled people wanting to get involved with stand up paddle boarding. There are lots of logistics and safety points to tick off and with every disability different, and the way it affects each individual, no ‘blueprint’ exists for getting afloat. Yet, where there’s a will there’s a […]

McConks SUP: a helping hand, where possible…

It’s not just general mental well-being that stand up paddle boarding can help with, there are plenty of other well being areas that SUP can benefit. For instance, we have it on good authority that the right kind of stand up paddle board can encourage people with behavioural problems, or with autism (for example) to […]

National Trust, Windermere, re-opening, gradually and safely (for SUP).

We’re pleased to see the National Trust’s locations are going to be opening again very soon – albeit gradually and safely. Already the NT have opened over 100 gardens and parks in England and Northern Ireland via advanced bookings. From Monday July 6 parks and gardens will also start to open in Wales. This is […]

SUP’s just SUP these days…isn’t it?

Stand up paddle surfing, SUP racing, touring SUP, white water stand up paddle boarding, recreational paddling and so on…You’ve heard all the terms, no doubt read all the pigeon-holed descriptions and are probably aware of a few more disciplines within the discipline, so to speak. And that’s how it’s been since stand up’s renaissance in […]

Lockdown 2020 | Can I stand up paddle board again? | update as of May 13, 2020

Many people are itching to get back on the water, and it seems that some regions of the UK might be starting to slowly release their lockdown. So what’s the current position across the countries of the UK? For Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s a straightforward no. You’re only permitted to leave your house for […]

Coronavirus and McConks SUP | Business continuity

Coronavirus McConks SUP| Business continuity Changing plans We were meant to be publishing a post right now about how we were going to be helping dozens, if not hundreds, of kids get up running with stand up paddling this summer. A network of SUP instructors around the country willing to give up their time to […]

Beating prejudice and helping dreams come true through SUP.

It’s 2019. We’re meant to live in a modern, liberal, progressive society. But peer pressure, shame and guilt often still play too big a part in this world. People are still held back from achieving what they feel they’ve been born to achieve. Sometimes it’s the individual themselves. Sometimes it’s their family. Sometimes it’s their […]

Talking story – McConks’ Q&A

Every brand has a ‘face’ behind the scenes. In the case of McConks SUP that’d be Andy and wife Jen. To get more of an insight into the inner workings of this new kid on the SUP company block Andy was recently put on the Q&A grill to find out what makes him tick, what […]