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Curativate SUP Yoga with the McConks Fitmat 7’3.

Pics: Curativate Hands up! We don’t give SUP Yoga enough air time on the McConks blog. Even though Mrs McConks practises it and we have gear for all you keen Yogis. As anyone who practises SUP Yoga will tell you the addition of floating on water whilst striking those all important poses is an extra […]

Yogis stand up – top tips for choosing SUP Yoga gear.

Using a stand up paddle board for Yoga, or rather an inflatable floating platform (as not all Yoga ‘boards’ are actually boards) has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. With SUP’s current momentum, however, there’s a surge of interest in this area of stand up paddle boarding. Here’re a few points to consider when […]

Yoga and SUP

SUP yoga for the soul

As someone who’s always enjoyed adventurous activities, I’ve had my fair share of broken bones, pulls and strains. The most significant of these being a broken shoulder about 8 years ago (dumped on a sand bar at Praar Sands after failing to commit/pop in a double overhead situation), and a broken neck when I was 18. […]