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Scottish lockdown restrictions easing from Friday May 29, 2020: SUP to begin again.

Scottish lockdown restrictions look set to be eased as of tomorrow, Friday May 29, 2020. Lockdown has remained in place even as Britain’s rules were made less strict lifted over two weeks ago. But it appears, as with garden centres opening and listed leisure activities to begin – including golf, tennis, bowls and fishing – stand up paddle boarding will once again be on the cards.

This doesn’t mean COVID-19 has disappeared – far from it. Social distancing will remain whilst any ‘venue’ that needs to open for access will do so with certain rules in place. In a lot of cases it may mean SUP clubs, for instance, won’t open straight away instead requiring a period of time to formulate new operating procedures and have them in place ready to accept visitors. It should also be noted that many waterways will be without lifeguard cover so there’s a weighted risk for anyone going afloat. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has warned that large crowds at beauty spots aren’t wanted because gatherings increase virus transmission risk.

From the Scottish SUP fraternity’s point of view, however, lockdown restriction easing will mean a return to the water for a large number after an extended period away. And we can tell this by the sheer number of enquiries we’ve had from our Scottish friends in the last two days!

You can find out more from the BBC news article here.

For any of our Scottish friends needing stand up paddle board gear to get back afloat just shout.