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Deferred or instant gratification

Deferred or instant gratification?

Do you get the most pleasure from having what you want, when you want it? Do you get a thrill from being a little impulsive with your money? Or do you get the biggest emotional pick me up from planning wisely, choosing, and then looking forward to something in the future?

These two types of pleasure are described as instant gratification and deferred gratification respectively. Scientific studies of emotion and hormones have concluded that waiting, anticipating, and looking forward longingly to a special treat is what gives most people the greatest pleasure. But we also know that, in general, people are really poor at choosing deferred gratification over instant pleasure. Ask a kid whether they want one sweet today, or two sweets tomorrow, and they’re pretty certain to choose one sweet today (1). As we get older we typically get a little better at choosing to wait, but but we’re still not (in general!) very good at waiting for the pleasure.

So ask most people if they would rather a used, second hand 2019 paddleboard without a warranty right now, for the same price as a brand new one with a three year warranty in January 2020, and most people will choose the instant gratification. And it goes without saying this is the wrong choice for most people, most of the time.

If you’re smarter than most people, and fully buy into the idea of deferred gratification, and can wait until January 2020 or April 2020 for 30% off brand new SUP packages (2), then McConks are for you.  If you’re a SUP school or instructor wanting to take advantage of our preorder deals, register here. If you’re not a business, check out our preorder deals here.

If, however, you need instant gratification, are worried about sustainability, and don’t want to buy new, and are looking for an instant deal check out our ex demo/graded products here (3) – which still come with a warranty and first class return to manufacturer customer service from McConks.

And if you want to know why we’re offering these discounts, check out the slides below. (and if they don’t work, you can view them here)

(1) So established is this as an economic and scientific principle, that it’s built into pretty much every economic model, future benefits being discounted to account for this perceived lower value in the future
(2) 50% non-refundable posit needed when order is placed by 15 December 2019, remaining 50% payment before delivery.  And you can get 4 months interest free credit with PayPal

(3) only available while stocks last

compared to our biggest competitors in the same (or worse) quality bracket like Red Paddle Co, Naish and Starboard

Compared to our standard retail prices

Trade customers

If you’re a SUP school or a paddleboard business, or an outdoor ed provider, please register as a trade customer to get access to our trade pre-order prices.

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