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SUP fundamentals: paddles and paddling.

SUP defining areas: paddles and paddling.

SUP paddles and paddling define what stand up paddle boarding is. Yet the amount of new recruits that miss this is significant. It’s not hard to understand why. Of all stand up paddling’s component parts it’s boards which are biggest and so stand out most. Even after carefully perusing all potential gear conversations invariably to […]

SUP hack #7732: know your basic wind related terminology and jargon.

Wind can be the bane of many a stand up paddle boarders life. Especially if it’s blowing hard onshore, causing all manner of flotsam, waves and chop to form. Likewise, sideshore and offshore winds can also cause problems – especially offshore types. but hang on, what’s all this mean? Onshore, sideshore, offshore what? Seemingly simple […]

Inflatable SUP paddle board for beginners

SUP noobs

Are you a SUP noob? If so, these are the absolute basics you need to know Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun relaxing and rewarding way to play on water. Relatively gear free, you can get out on the water, playing in river, or lakes or coastal waters. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer […]

SUP safety: how cold is too cold to SUP?

National lockdowns aside the current UK weather (as of Jan 5, 2020) is on the cooler side to say the least. During the last few days many parts of the country have seen snow flurries, with a few locations having a decent, settled dusting. Even as far as the extreme south coast, where it rarely […]

SUP hacks | attaching your leash

Another child’s play video. Thanks to our Mini McConks for recording this. It might not be as helpful as you’d like, being recorded by an 8 year old. If you need any further instruction, message us!

all about the rocker

We’ve said time and again that spotting good from mediocre, or telling bad from outright dangerous, is a little difficult for those new to the sport. So lot’s of people turn to local shops for advice, which is normally a good choice.  However, some retailers might be more interested in the margin that they make on certain […]