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Relaxing – adventure SUP with plenty of chill time!

Adventure SUP can be anything that takes you on an adventure. It can be hardcore paddling, investing what’s round the next bend or simply heading off somewhere to pitch up and relax for a few hours. This was McConks head honch and family’s pathway of choice recently when they upped sticks and headed for the, er, sticks…

It was also a chance to put to the test some of the adventure SUP ‘solutions’ that Andy’s been messing about with for a while. Oh, and Mrs McConks the chance for a nice reclining cuppa. All this proves that with the right kit you don’t need to smash the miles or even smash yourselves when it comes to having a SUP adventure. Nobody cares if you’re giving it ‘Bear Grylls’. As long as it’s fun and fulfilling then that’s all that matters.