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Spotted in Sweden! Chris Jones trialling new McConks designs.

It never stops here at McConks. Whether we’re sourcing new materials for improved manufacturing, trialling new designs through prototyping or looking for ways to be a better stand up paddle boarding business we’re always working and striving to evolve.

There’s no secret we’ve been working on new SUP concepts (among other things). But we do utilise the very capable services of our extensive network of paddlers we can call on. Some of you may know Chris Jones who switched locations to Sweden a few years back. Chris’s paddling locations can be seen in the accompanying pics. You have to admit it looks idyllic and we’d love the opportunity to experience his backyard. But we digress…

What you can also see in the pics is something special that’s being work on for potential release sometime shortly. What do you think?

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More McConks prototyping ahead of 2021′ SUP season.

We already posted this to the McConks Facebook page. But as we’re super excited about new 2021 stand up paddle boarding developments we’re shouting about it again. Not ones to sit on our laurels the McConks team is forever looking at new ideas, concepts and determining what’s viable. We’d love to be in a position where we could offer ALL the toys but sometimes that isn’t possible. Yet, an ever changing market, with different wants/needs for the consumer means we do need to keep on top of things.

To date we’ve already designed and sold a one off hard race SUP. And currently we’re doing our thing with a hard windSUP prototype. And then there’s this, which is being tweaked as we speak. Suffice to say we’re pretty excited about what could manifest. The outcome of this tinkering could prove to be extremely special.

A sneak peak at something we're working on in our spare time…Still need to finalise the transitions, smooth out some of the lines, and the build in the concaves in the hull, but it's coming along nicely.#flatwater25#gofaster#designed#UK#madeineurope #innovate#carbon#dugout#newfor2021

Posted by McConks on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Andy comments: ‘Still need to finalise the transitions, smooth out some of the lines, and the build in the concaves in the hull, but it’s coming along nicely.’ So, hands up if you’re interested!

Don’t forget to get in touch for 2021 season pre-order discounts if you’re a watersports club, coach or school that deals with either stand up paddling, windsurfing or both.

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McConks eFoil prototype testing continued – more insight to electrically powered flight.

Yesterday saw more testing of the McConks eFoil prototype in idyllic sunny, flat water conditions which were perfect. Having now got to grips (literally) with the handheld throttle trigger the act of powering up on foil is a simple act. As long as you keep enough momentum to shuffle to knees before getting to feet then it’s not too difficult – at least, if you have foiling experience. And even without we can see it not taking too much longer to actually gain those skills.

Once up and riding there’s a bit of testing foot placements to find the optimum. Having completed this it’s then a case of employing subtle movements of the head, shoulders and trunk to keep level. Riders will need to be aware of jerky, overzealous, itchy trigger fingers on the throttle. Fortunately you can set the % level to not be too boosty. But suddenly letting the trigger off results in the foil stopping dead and the rider in question exiting stage left (or right) – which is quite comedy to those watching. Stay tuned for more of an in-depth guide to eFoiling coming soon.

If you’re interested to see how the McConks eFoil prototype rides then check out the video below.

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eFoil fun! – electric hydrofoil prototype testing update.

After a bit of a false start (we won’t get into it) there’s now a solid bout of electric hydrofoil board testing under our belts. For those not aware McConks currently has a prototype eFoil set up we’re putting through its paces to decide if its a thing that has legs – or rather, wings…

Suffice to say after some back and forth with the manufacturer we were on for today (Sept 15, 2020). Conditions for this session ranged from extreme light wind to totally glassy. Tide was high with a very small ground swell running at our test location. The sun was shining and temperatures were hovering around 30C, which for September is pretty good even if we do say so ourselves!

For anyone familiar with foiling the actual act of flying on an eFoil is pretty standard. What’s not standard is the controlling of a very sensitive throttle trigger which will ultimately dictate how easily you manage to get to your feet, get on foil and stay flying. That said with a little bit of perseverance and the correct technique it’s easily achievable.

So far so good then. Stay tuned for more updates as and when.

Thanks to Oli Lane-Peirce for the images.