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Indian summer, sunny autumn, bright winter – McConk spolarised floating bamboo sunglasses for all off season occasions.

The UK’s currently experiencing a lovely spell of Indian summer weather, by and large, that’s perfect for stand up paddle boarding. High mercury levels and warm waters definitely deliver inspiration to get amongst it. It’s also much quieter at this time of year – on the water and off – with schools back in operation and parents at the cool face. If you can sneak out for a float, even if you’re one of those at the coal face (work), then you definitely should.

We’ve talked about adequate protection for you body in various articles this summer but your eyes can also take a beating from harmful UV sunshine rays if you don’t cover these. Over time the sun will do damage to peepers just as it will skin. Fortunately McConks’ bamboo, floating polarised sunglasses are a great solution – whether out SUPing or going about your business on land. They look fab but also serve a purpose for fending off the bright light.

No don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you wear a pair of McConks sunglasses for the more performance end of SUP, where you’re more likely to fall and lose them (SUP surfing for instance). But on flatter water where dunkings are less likely they fit the bill perfectly. And just as the title suggests sunglasses aren’t just for summer: they work great at other times of year when bluebird conditions swing in.

If you haven’t seen McConks’ range of polarised, bamboo sunglasses then head across to the McConks shop for a look/see.