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Outdoor adventure locations – 7 fab UK spots for awesome fun.

Outdoor adventure locations in the UK are wide and varied. Whatever outdoor adventure type you’re looking for there’s an area that’ll tick all the boxes. In all instances, some of these locations offer the potential of ticking off multiple outdoor adventures. But where to head? Here we listed 7 fab UK spots you’ll find awesome […]

Outdoor adventure combos – 5 fun ways to combine your favourite activities.

Outdoor adventure can be found anywhere – we promote this a lot. But outdoor adventure isn’t just limited to one thing. Sure, you can focus on a specific discipline for the window of opportunity you have. What may be more rewarding, however, is combining two (or more) of the passions you have. Combining activities can […]

Summer outdoor adventures – 7 marvellous escapes to discover.

Summer outdoor adventures are what all lovers of nature and the wilds yearn for. As an outdoor type, you’ll hate being cooped up when Mother Nature’s not playing ball. But summertime is different. There’s more chance to get out and ‘play’ with your family and friends. Here are 7 summer escapes to consider this high […]

BIGGER outdoor adventures – 7 fabulous experiences to enjoy with family and friends.


BIGGER outdoor adventures don’t mean scaling the summit of Mount Everest or freediving the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. Everything being discussed in this article is still accessible. For friends and family to enjoy. These suggestions are just a few of what you could enjoy as longer excursions. There are plenty more. A word on BIGGER […]

Outdoor adventures in the rain – 5 fun family things to do in the wet.

Outdoor adventures can be had at any time of year and with any type of weather. At the time of writing, there’s a lot of rain sluicing down across the UK. And whilst this may put some people off heading outdoors there’s always a fun way to enjoy the conditions. You just have to be […]

Outdoor adventure gear – 5 essential products to enhance your experience.

Outdoor adventure is everywhere. And as we’ve said in a previous post it doesn’t need to be expensive. Anyone can indulge in outdoor adventure. In many cases on a budget or shoestring. But there are a few cost-effective bits of outdoor adventure gear that’ll enhance your experience. Again though, without breaking the bank. We’re not […]

Outdoor adventure equipment essentials for 5 microadventures.

Outdoor adventure equipment comes in many different forms. Here at McConks we very much err toward the accessible end of the spectrum. As such we’re not talking about scaling glacial mountains and running huge volume white water rivers. McConks is a family company. And as a family, we prefer those microadventures. The ones which are […]