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NEW! McConks 6m Go Fly wing surfing/SUP/foil wing now in stock with updated features!

The new McConks 6m Go Fly wing surfing/SUP/foil wing has literally just landed and will be on sale in the McConks SUP shop imminently. Featuring a new improved design and bigger size for more power, earlier foiling and generally more efficiency.

A tighter wing canopy, achieved by attaching to the middle strut, and giving the leading edge more rigidity improves the low end power delivery without sacrificing teh Go Fly’s light weight. We’ve also taken away the windows which also helps with canopy tension. There a divided camp when it comes to wing windows. From our experience, however, riders tend to lift the wing to spot other water uses so aren’t essential.

The Go Fly’s bigger 6m size also means lighter wind performance, earlier lifting onto the foil (if your riding with one) and better upwind ability. Multiple handles ensure optimum hand holds can be located. One thing remaining, however, is the instantly recognisable colourway which is bold in white and blue. All in the new 6m Go Fly wing is a step up and will allow more time on the water this autumn.

Get in touch for more info on McConks’ wing foil/SUP/surf wings.