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The wait is finally over. It’s here. Brand new for 2018

New for 2018

Be a happier paddler in 2018

Want to buy the very best and newest kit in 2018?  Want new kit that not only helps you SUP better, but actually be a better person, feel happier, and live a more fulfilled life?

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Have you been looking longingly at new boards, colour schemes and designs?

Does your old trusty board suddenly look a bit dated and faded? You might already be thinking that you can sell your old board and buy a new board with the proceeds. That means that the new board you’ve got your eye on for £900 will actually only cost you £450 - bargain. And this is OK, because your old board will go to a new home – someone who can’t afford a brand new board – so you’re giving something back to the SUP community. Sweet. Everyone’s a winner.

Or maybe you're not going to sell it, and keep it as a spare board, so you can go paddling with friends who don’t have a board, and share the stoke?

But here's the reality for many of us. That board gets used once a year if you’re lucky, and ends up rotting in your shed or back garden, where it becomes your own little guilty memorial to consumerism and marketing. And we can say this from guilty experience. We’ve got sheds full of rotting bikes and bike parts, windsurf kit and surfboards that are our guilty conscience.  And even if you do sell it on, somewhere at the end of the chain is an old unloved board rotting away, at best ‘stored’ at a local sailing club or beach, and at worst it will be fly tipped, incinerated or landfilled.

The only certainty for this board is that won’t be recycled at the end of its life.

We try to do things differently at McConks. Find out more here.