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Kid’s River Challenge SUP comp – win a kid’s 12’8 McConks Go Race paddle board (that even mummy and daddy can use!)!

Hey kids! Fancy winning your own stand up paddle board? Of course you do! Especially as it’ll be all yours and belong to nobody else. (Well, mum and dad may steal a quick go from time to time…). If you do like the idea of winning your very own McConks stand up paddle board – in this instance McConks’ 12’8 Go Race – then you’ll need to enter the Kid’s River Challenge SUP comp, details as follows:

  • Take a photo of each ‘find’.
  • Add up the points for each find (only count each find once, so if you see 100 fish, you only get 2 points, not 200).
  • Get your parents to create a Facebook or Instagram post with all of the pictures and tag us (@mcconksuk).
  • Enter as many times as you like between now and August 2020.
  • Winner (highest points) will receive a pair of McConks kid’s sunglasses.
  • One lucky winner (drawn at random from all entries), will win a kids 12’8 McConks Go Race paddleboard*

*you don’t need to be a racer. It’s our 8 year old’s favourite board for cruising and playing. Suitable for 7-14 year olds, but adults can have fun too. Even daddy McConks can paddle it!

Next step is to download the PDF fill below that lists everything you’ll need to find.

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McConks windSUP/windsurf/wing surf/wing foil guide #3 – kiddy wings and why it’s so easy for children.

One of windsurfing’s biggest issues is the weight of the rig (sail, boom, mast). Even though over the years these issues have been addressed, and lighter and lighter materials have been used, the fact remains: windsurf sails and their associated component parts are still weighty. If you then consider as a newbie windsurfer you have to pull the rig out the water, with it lying just under the surface (so therefore has additional weight on top until it drains as you lift), it’s a hassle to learn. It should be said that uphauling technique doesn’t take long to master but it’s still an obstacle to overcome – even more so for children.

A large appealing part of wings is the sheer weightlessness of them. Wingsurfing wings also sit on top of the water and float, because they’re filled with air. So straight away you have two factors which are removed, when compared to windsurfing sails, that make the breezy end of riding boards on water quicker to master. And from a kiddy wingsurfing perspective this is an even bigger win.

McConks provide kiddy 1.5m wings specifically designed with your offspring in mind. But it shows how easy they are to wield when young children can lift and wave about the McConks full size 5m version (obviously in really light airs!). The fact remains, however: if you want to get your kids into blowy board riding, and/or you yourself fancy having another option for when the breeze picks up, you’d do a lot worse than getting hold of a wingsurfing wing.

For those with ambition, and the desire to progress, there’s the wing foiling end of the discipline whereby riders fly above the water in hydrofoil mode. So, craft stuck to the water, powered by a wing, or boards flying above the sea, powered by a wing; the choice is yours. Kids and adults apply here

For more info on wingsurfing, wingfoiling, windSUP and windsurfing check out the first two parts of this series below –

McConks Go Fly 5m wing overview

McConks 9’8 Go Free crossover SUP/windSUP/windsurf/wingsurf board over view

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Go Inspire: It’s all about the kids…

Kids iSUP

Go Inspire: It’s all about the kids…

…If that’s not stating the obvious.

So what are McConks SUP planning? We all know how important outdoor exercise is for mental health and well being. And we also know how great watersports are for improving water-confidence and improving team and social skills for our young friends. So what we’re planning is of benefit to those paddlers who are of a younger age.

Of course, McConks SUP are a business, and a large part of what we do is about selling stand up paddle boards, paddles and SUP accessories. But we’re also human and a brand that wants to go beyond just selling gear. We want to do more – we want to give back as much as possible.

We’re still finalising all the details, and calling in lots of favours to get a few more things lined up. But we’ll be going live next week.

So stay tuned to McConks’ channels (website, social media) next week when we’ll be announcing something special for all the younger generation of SUPers out there.

If you’re not already following McConks on Instagram or twitter, then hit us up to stay in the loop –

p.s. if you’re one of our friendly instructors or SUP businesses that might be interested in giving something back to the kids (and we’re not already in contact), please message us.