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The week ahead for SUP weather July 7, 2020 – strong Jet Stream in effect.

With a new week upon us the question being asked by many stand up paddle boarders is: ‘will it be as windy as last week?’. Even though wind can be your friend we appreciate many paddlers are newer to the sport and want calmer conditions. Well, the good news, is that this should be the case. The caveat being that conditions will still remain changeable, with a strong Jet Stream in effect, meaning at times it’ll still be breezy. Also, air temperatures will be a little lower for the time of year.

What this translates to on the ground, broadly, is a case of picking your window of opportunity and aiming for the calmest period or seeking shelter. Shelter being lakes, rivers, canals and coastal waterways where you can took in behind land masses or next to the shore.

Obviously everyone should stay safe and not take on things that are beyond abilities. That said there should be some opportunity at points for a paddle if you keep your eyes open, watch for the windows and are in a position to get gone.

Strong jet stream

A strong #jetstream will lead to a changeable week ahead, with temperatures around average for early July

Posted by Met Office on Saturday, July 4, 2020