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The further adventures of Fenwick Ridley – Lux Magazine talks open water swimming, environmentalism and a bit of SUP.

Fenwick Ridley, ever the chap for getting in a bit of promo, recently was interviewed by Luxe Magazine about his open water swimming adventures, environmentalism work and general watery shenanigans. Oh, and if you look closely you’ll spot a couple of McConks stand up paddle boards in the mix.

What’s more, we think it’s great that Fenwick did the interview whilst actually out on the water with his ever faithful pooch Moona. Helping rid the river of plastic, there’s nothing like authenticity when speaking about your passions! Another of which being swimming and coaching others to do the same – via his H2oTrails business – in cold winter waters of lakes and river predominantly in the north of England.

You can read the full interview by hitting the following link –