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Feeling hot, hot, hot! SUP weather update July 30, 2020.

We’re sure you’ll all have the seen the weather forecast by now. But just in case you haven’t it’s going to be hot! A return to summer proper if you will during the next few days. Having been rather autumnal of late, depending on where you’re located in the UK, there’ll be a blast of warm southerly air pushing up from the equator. This should extend all the way north to Scotland. Air temperatures in the south may hit mid-30s, so toasty it will be!

Why are we reporting this? Simples. From a stand up paddle boarding point of view it’ll be perfect conditions for getting afloat. We appreciate many new SUPers are still fair weather – no criticism. With that in mind fair weather you’ll be delivered, mostly, through today (Thursday July 30) and into the early part of the weekend. Tomorrow (Friday July 31) is when the warmest air will filter across so best to make the most of it if you can. Come Saturday afternoon, whilst by no means cold, it’ll revert back to what we’ve been experiencing of late.

So! Time to saddle up and get the kit ready for some (hopefully) sublime summer SUP. Check the Met Office weather trend vids below for the full picture.

A blast of #Summer heat

It will go from feeling more like #Autumn to #Summer this week, then back again over the #weekend ?️ >> ?️☀️ >> ?️

Posted by Met Office on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Met Office 10 day trend

What does the weather have in store for the next 10 days? Alex Deakin shares the latest forecast

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