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School summer holidays, overseas travel and your new inflatable stand up paddle board.

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A few weeks back it looked like ALL overseas school summer holiday travel was off the cards due to COVID-19. There was, however, light at the end of the tunnel more recently when some nations announced a lifting of restrictions to allow holidaymakers in, as long as certain criteria was met. With chat surrounding a full staycation affair for 2020, and zero chances of heading abroad, it now looks as though some of us will be able to head off to sunnier/warmer climes after all.

So what of that brand new inflatable stand up paddle board you may have purchased to make the most of your time at home? Well, hopefully you’ll have been getting afloat lots since it arrived. The weather’s been great with seemingly plenty of opportunity for paddling shenanigans – from what we’ve seen at any rate.

If you’re one of those who (all being well) will be heading to foreign countries on holiday then you’ll still be able to make use of your iSUP. After all, one of the conveniences of buying an inflatable is the fact it’s easy to travel with. Being able to pack it down, roll up and stow inside a robust and durable bag (complete with three piece paddle, fin, leash and pump) makes it an ideal toy for your annual trip.

Here at McConks we have plenty of experience of travelling with inflatables. The bag itself – even with your SUP gear inside – will have extra room. So why not turn into a suitcase and stash some of your other belongings inside? There’s no reason you should get stung for excess baggage fees – as long as you keep under weight restrictions. And most airline staff won’t be aware that you actually have a board inside!

Once on the ground at your destination transport to accommodation should be no different. Again, because of the fact your iSUP is all contained in a bag – that’s no bigger than standard luggage – it’ll fit inside the hold of coach, boot of a taxi or even on the back of a motorbike if you secure it correctly. Then it’s a case of SUPing until your heart’s content under the warm sun.

Your return journey should then mirror, with all the benefits you made use of during the outbound flight, on the way home.

Overseas travel tips with your inflatable SUP:

  • Make sure you roll your inflatable SUP properly. Secure with any straps inside the bag and tighten accordingly.
  • If possible also secure the board’s pump and three piece paddle via the straps also.
  • Check luggage weight restrictions with your airline and make sure your inflatable gear (inside its bag) falls below.
  • The same applies as above if you stow other belongings inside your iSUP bag. Don’t come a cropper with excess luggage fees.
  • If your airline offers free carriage of sports equipment (some do) then it’d be worth taking this option.
  • Make sure you take your iSUP repair kit and know how to patch a hole – just in case!
  • Remember to take all those necessary bits – including the fin/fins and leash!
  • If you’re heading somewhere particularly hot then don’t leave your inflatable board in direct sun light when inflated.

If you have any questions relating to McConks SUP gear and travelling then hit us up via the usual channels.