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No hassle fin set up – attaching your McConks SUP centre fin in six easy steps.

We’ve talked about the simplicity of McConks’ Click Fin side fin system, which you can read here. If your McConks inflatable stand up paddle board has a US Box (single leading edge mounted screw head) then it’s just as hassle free to attach. Here ‘s how in six easy steps –

Place the screw plate in the box track via the gap at the centre of the fin box. We find that screwing it to the fin bolt first and using the fin bolt to drop it in place works for those less dextrous poeple (like us!)

Slide the screw plate towards the front of the box along the plate track. Again, you can use the fin bolt to do this if still attached, or if your fingers struggle to get in the box. (Note, if you are using one of our specialist 4.7″ river fin you’ll need to slide the screw plate backwards)

Slot the fin pin into the gap – make sure the fin’s the correct way round. Its angle (rake) should be leaning back towards the tail.

Slide the fin back towards the tail (or forwards towards the nose for the 4.7″ river fin) a short way to ensure it’s firmly secure in the track.

Rock the fin forwards and line up the screw hole with the screw plate you attached earlier.

Using your thumb and finger turn the screw until tight.

Once you’ve affixed the centre US Box fin you can tune according to your wants and needs by moving it forwards or backwards. Rule of thumb dictates the further forward your fin in the box is the more manoeuvrable your SUP will be. The further back you have your fin the less manoeuvrable it is. You can also change the ‘feel’ of your inflatable stand up paddle board by changing the size of your fin. Experimenting with different configurations is always worth doing to find your best fit.

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The easiest stand up paddle board fin system ever – McConks SUP Click Fins and how to fit.

We keep banging on about this, but we genuinely mean it: McConks SUP is here to make your SUP life and getting on the water as easy as it can possibly be! There are a bunch of products and solutions in McConks’ SUP shop to help with this, from electric SUP pumps to super easy SUP fin systems, such as our SUP Click Fins solution.

If you’re not aux fait with setting SUP fins up then it can be a faff. Click Fins makes light work of this with a simple tool-less system that literally takes seconds to complete. Click Fins are mostly used for the side bites we have on our iSUPs (the outer edge fins). We provide them in different sizes as fin accessories so you’re free to customise, swap out and tune your SUP fins as you see fit. SUP fins make a big difference in terms of feel and performance of your stand up paddle board. We’ll not get into this now as that’s a separate topic. Suffice to say if you feel like experimenting with different SUP fin types then you can with a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board.

Fitting your McConks Click Fins

Line up pins with holes and slot into box.

Push backwards into the fin box until you hear a click.

Check to make sure secure.

You’re done!

For additional security you can adjust the lug screws with a fin key if you wish. This might be worth it if you think you may be scraping the bottom such as on shallow river runs. You can pick up FCS keys from any good surf shop. You can also use hex keys if you haven’t got an FCS key, but FCS are American, so you’ll need an imperial Hex key set!