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SUP safety quick release belts discussion – join the debate on McConks’ Facebook page.

Here at McConks we’re super keen to promote SUP safety. Stand up paddle boarding may be one of the most accessible watery activities you can do but it isn’t without risks. We’re big fans of quick release safety belt leashes but just recently we were challenged on this and how beginner paddlers, with no prior experience, would cope with them. There’s no evidence to suggest they work in the hands of the uneducated so therefore are they actually the best safety tethering system? Do they add another layer of risk, as far as entrapment goes, that we haven’t thought about?

It’s an interesting question and one that should definitely be given thought. We also open to debate and searching for the correct solutions so posted the question to the McConks FB page to get our audience’s views. You can join the conversation by hitting this link –

We’re always keen to hear what you say as it isn’t also the case McConks has all the answers. And feedback, after, all only helps brands like us grow.