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Adjustable or fixed SUP paddles?

McConks 100% carbon SUP paddle

Fixed or adjustable SUP paddles. What SUP paddle do you need? Are you wondering about whether you need a fixed or an adjustable paddleboard paddle?   Do you struggle to understand the performance differences between 1 , 2 and 3 piece SUP paddles?  Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone.  But fret not, this article will hopefully […]

SUP hack: separating a stuck stick (paddle).

SUP paddles are very similar to windsurf masts. And windsurfers have been battling with this problem for years. How to separate two pieces of carbon fibre/fibreglass that have seized up after a bit of neglect? Windsurf masts, as with two and three piece SUP paddles do have a habit of fusing sometimes. The two and […]

Focus on… McConks Carbon SUP paddle

Carbon SUP paddle | Bamboo SUP paddle | 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle

In an ideal world, every paddler would have a whole plethora of paddles. One for racing, one for surf, one for whitewater, one for training, one for travelling etc.  And each would have different size and shape blades, different angles of attack, different amounts of flex in the shaft, and different length shafts.   We’ve […]