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No compromise budget inflatable paddleboards | Go Simple

Budget inflatable SUP

Budget inflatable SUP paddleboards like no other

The price of our Go Simple range seems to have caused quite a stir, if the number of emailed questions we've received is anything to go by.  Lots of you have been asking how we can keep the price so low, and have been trying to find out where we've compromised on quality.  After all, no other UK company has managed to make a heat welded, premium tech, double skin fusion technology inflatable SUP with a fibre-glass paddle at this price.  So it's understandable that people might be a little worried.

Hopefully, this article will put some minds at rest!

Never compromise on quality

Go Simple McConks best quality budget SUP


Although our Go Simple inflatable paddle boards are priced for people on a budget, there are some principles and features that that we absolutely will never compromise on:

Ethical, sustainable, fair

All of our products comply with our Ethics and Sustainability policy and are subject to our Fair Price policy. That means you can be sure that that you are buying a board with the lowest cost to you, and the lowest cost to to others and the environment.

Two year guarantee, 28 day no quibble returns

So our kit might be inexpensive compared to all of the other quality brands. But that doesn't mean that it's not a lot of money.  When spending that sort of money you need to know that the kit's going to last right?  Buy cheap, buy twice is an old adage that just doesn't apply to our kit. There are two reasons why it doesn’t apply.  Firstly, let’s be fair, £400 or £600 isn't cheap – it might be cheaper than other quality brands, but it certainly isn’t  cheap. And it goes without saying that you won't need to buy twice - because you're covered by our guarantee.  We've seen our boards left out in the sun, wind and rain, being abused by beginners at hire centres and been battered by school kids. And they still look as good and perform as well as they did on the day they came out of the factory.

Fair price policy

If you can find the same specification package available online at a cheaper price, we will refund you the difference.  But we know you won't be able to!

Premium quality, budget prices

We can only offer a three year guarantee (1) because we understand what quality really means, and we know that our kit will last.   All of our boards and accessories are made to the same exacting McConks quality.   We regularly hear that there are only 'four top quality factories in China' making iSUPs.   That's simply not true.

in our opinion.  There is only one that meets our exacting requirements for quality, ethics, sustainability and professionalism.  All the others pale into insignificance compared to them.  We have to pay a little more at our end for the quality and peace of mind. But it's worth every penny.  And for that, you can rest assured that every single board is made with the same attention to detail.

(1) This is actually a real guarantee, not a marketing ploy like some brands who offer longer guarantees but who do not honour them!

Double skin, fusion tech, high pressure guarantee

These words might not mean much to you, but they’re possibly the most important ones to consider when looking for a budget inflatable SUP.

Double skin SUP means two layers of PVC. More layers of PVC makes the boards more rigid, and more leakproof (good) but also makes them heavier (bad).  After years of experimenting, everyone now seems to agree that two skins is good, one is not so good, and more than two in unnecessary and too heavy.

Fusion tech inflatable means the latest technology. Rather than people glueing bits of PVC together, wasting glue and PVC, this method reduces weight and improves the reliability of the board. Different brands have different terms for this. Some call it MSL, some call it pre-laminated heat bonded technology, some call it superlight super layer.  Some call it enhanced drop stitch.  But they're not all quite the same.  Some brands use cheaper drop stitch in their fusion technology (if they don't offer 4.75" or 5" thick boards in their range, you can guarantee they're not using the best drop stitch!), and some brands use a thinner layer of fused PVC (and yet still call it military grade!).

High pressure guarantee.  The more air you ram into a board, the more rigid it becomes.  But  the more pressure you put the seams under the more likely they are to burst, unless the quality control is spot on. And that is why many brands tell you that the pressure range for the SUP is up to 15PSI.   The more reliable the board layup, the more confident the brand is in their seams and manufacturing process. Although, sadly, some brands with poor quality layup are now offering a high pressure guarantee - a lethal accident waiting to happen!

Some companies use a cheaper one skin layup on their budget boards. But this sacrifices rigidity and resistance to bursting!  Other brands use heavier old style  annually glued two skin layup on their budget boards.  But we don’t compromise on the quality of our boards, no matter how budget the price is .  All of our inflatable SUP boards meet the same premium quality standards – double skin, fusion tech. So whether you spend £400 or £1200, our boards are guaranteed to an industry leading 25 PSI.

Top quality engine to power your inflatable SUP

McConks Vario fibre glass paddle

We've never supplied cheap heavy aluminium or alloy paddles in the past, and we're not going to start now.  Trying to paddle with a dustbin lid on the end of a piece of heavy metal isn't anyone's idea of fun. And lots of people have hurt themselves or been put off paddling because of crap paddles.  That's why all of our packages come with at least a three piece, adjustable, fibre-glass shaft, nylon bladed paddle. And that includes our budget Go Simple range.  Why compromise on your engine?





An iSUP is nothing without a good pump

Inflating an iSUP can be a chore, especially if you're package has compromised with a cheap, stiff pump..  Of course, if your inflatable SUP can only be inflated to 12PSI before bursting, then a cheap pump is fine.  But we want to you pump your board up to the max if you need to, to get ti as rigid as a hard board. And to do that you need a premium quality, high high volume, high pressure pump.  That's why all of our inflatable SUP packages come with premium quality pumps by one of the two biggest SUP pump manufacturers in the world.


So where have we compromised?

We couldn't make a budget board without cutting costs. But we've only cut them where it's safe to do so.


Budget inflatable paddleboard - comfy handles


Our Go Simple boards come with only one handle, unlike our premium boards which have an additional nose and tail handle and lashing points. The additional handles on our premium boards not only make them easier to carry and manhandle, but also make it easier to get back on the board from any position.  Some of our premium boards, like our Go Explore or Go Wild boards have even more handles!





Printed crocodile skin deckpad

Like our premium boards, the deckpad is a 5mm crocodile skin deckpad.  Unlike our premium boards however, the design is printed on to the deckpad, rather than the design being formed of different colour EVA.  The design is more likely to fade in UV light than a deckpad formed of different colour EVA.




9" rigid centre fin


Our Go Simple budget iSUP only come with a single removable centre fin.  Like our premium boards, the fin a flexi fin in a US centre box, which means it can be easily upgraded with aftermarket fins if needed.   Unlike our premium boards, the Go Simple boards do not come with any removable FCS side fins.





SUP bagThe Go Simple bag is a lightweight rucksack. Unlike our premium SUP sacks, these don't have in built paddle storage, they don't have compression strips, they're not made from heavy duty robust canvas fabric, they don't come with a heavy duty stowable backpack or chunky wheels, and they don't have pump pocket on the front of the bag.  They will protect your iSUP in the back of the car or in the garage, but they're unlikely to withstand the sort of abuse airport baggage handlers subject them to!


All of our packages come with premium quality coiled leashes.  Our premium packages come with McConks branding on the ankle strap. The leashes on our Go Simple iSUP range are unbranded.

Camera mount

If you're after a strong Ram Mounts camera mount, then you'll need to upgrade to our premium range.  Or buy an aftermarket fitting to stick on to the board - if you trust your adhesive skills!

Hopefully this is enough detail to answer your questions.  If not, and if you've still got questions, ping us a message using the chat facility, or message us on facebook or email us