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SUP stock headaches – simplicity not always guaranteed.

Whilst McConks are a true homegrown, UK stand up paddle boarding company it goes without saying we don’t have our equipment manufactured on British soil – a shame we know. Just like 98% of other companies – whether watersports or not – McConks hardware and gear comes from the Far East. We design, prototype, tweak and take onboard feedback from customers in our own backyard. But when it comes down to the actual making of each bit of equipment there’s no cost effective method of producing it in this green and pleasant land.

When sourcing manufacturers we put a lot of time and effort in behind the scenes to make sure who we use not only can replicate our ideas accurately but do so in as efficient and ethical manner possible. We’re not there on the ground in person, obviously, so we ask questions, do our research and build the necessary relationships. If you don’t get it right then this manifests in poor quality stock. And not every brand does get it right first time. There’ve been plenty having to switch suppliers!

There are a small few (very small!) that have stakes in the manufacturing facilities their gear is made. But that isn’t McConks (yet). In time we’d love to be one of those SUP sellers that does. In the meantime we continue as is.

Why are we telling you this? McConks‘s way has always been to be as honest and transparent as possible. Wearing hearts on sleeve may leave us open to criticism but we feel anyone looking at McConks – for either SUP related info or equipment buying options – needs the full story. As much as we pride ourselves with the brand>manufacturer relationships we’ve built hiccups can still occur. After all, you’re relying on people interpreting your vision, across a vast expanse of land and water, who only have electronic methods of conversing and come from a different country with culture, working methods and general existences different to those of our own. As such comms needs to be tip top.

Continuing to work super hard to deliver the best SUP experience possible to our customers is paramount. If we hit snags we rectify as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the long run the positive feedback we regularly receive tells us things are going well. Moving forwards we’ll carry on giving updates like these, as well as notifications should anything go awry at any other time. Thanks for your continued support. We love seeing all those happy, smiling faces out on the water.

If anyone’s got any questions relating to McConks stand up paddle boarding equipment then let us know.

What’s triggered this post? A small batch of Go Free windSUP/windsurf/wing SUP boards without a mast foot insert. Yep! We though that was quite amusing. Still, they make great wing boards and you can, of course, definitely paddle them. SO all not lost…

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SUP hacks, tricks and tips: home paddling edition.

SUP hacks, tricks and tips: home paddling edition.

As part of our ongoing series hacks, tips and tricks for stand up paddle boarding, and combined with our recent post about virtual SUP holidays/trips, we thought we would share a few ideas about how to keep paddling at home.

There are lots of videos doing the rounds on social media about how to achieve this currently but in case you’ve missed these here are McConks’ top ways of achieving virtual SUP Nirvana in your own domain.


Probably the easiest way to get some resistance on your SUP paddle shaft is attaching some bungee chord. You’ll need a firmly fixed point to actually attach the bungee at one end. And then paddlers will need to locate the fulcrum point on their paddle shaft. Too low or too high and it won’t work. Raising yourself off the ground will help with clearance if you’re going to be using an actual stand up paddle board paddle – more on this in a mo.

If you want to increase the power, and you have long enough chord, doubling up the bungee will increase resistance. Whatever you do make sure that both the end attached to a fixed point and the end attached to your paddle is solid. The last thing you want is the bungee pinging back and spanking you in the face!


An inflatable board is perfect for a spot of virtual home SUP. Unlike a hard board you don’t need to be ultra-careful not to damage it. Obviously, though, remove the fins! It’s then worth raising your SUP up a fraction to help with paddle blade clearance. You also don’t want to damage your blade!

IMPORTANT! Make sure whatever used to raise your stand up paddle board is solid and not likely to collapse, fail and cause you injury. You can use a trellis system, bricks or even a wobble cushion more commonly paired with balance boards. And speaking of balance boards: if you’re particularly cat-like then placing your SUP on top of balance board and using in the same way atop a roller will further enhance your experience. Again, if you do opt for this then BE CAREFUL! Attach your SUP to the balance board via roof rack straps. Just make sure they’re tight enough.

If you haven’t seen McConks’ awesome balance boards, made by the amazing Daddyboards, then check them out. If you want an additional training tool for SUP, or just fancy something for messing about on whilst improving your balance, then head over to the shop and the balance board page –

Additional ambience

If you want to take things a step further then you can add additional ambience for enhanced land SUPing. We’ve seen virtual reality headsets used but that may be too techy for many.

Getting the hosepipe out and having your kids or partner spray you with wet stuff is an obvious one. If no hose to hand then get a bucket of water chucked your way. Just don’t blame us if they decide to also lob the bucket at you! (Fortunately, the UK’s weather at the moment is sublime so getting a little damp is no issue – you’ll dry off quickly).

Looking to Easter Weekend

Some showery rain is likely this #Easter weekend, and as cooler air moves in there will be a drop in temperatures too, though it will still be warmer than average for most.Despite some fine weather, remember to #StayHomeSaveLives

Posted by Met Office on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

We also talked about using sounds from apps like Spotify and in our virtual SUP holiday post. It’s the same with virtual home SUP in general. Ambient sounds of the sea or other can help create an atmosphere fit for stand up paddling – whatever floats your boat, er SUP, really.

Let us know your tips for home SUP or stand up paddle boarding in general.

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McConks SUP – what you may have missed, March 2020.

McConks SUP blog round-up, March 2020

McConks SUP – what you may have missed, March 2020.

Here’s the round-up what’s been going in the world of McConks for March, 2020…

It’s no surprise that global health events have dominated both ours and every other news feed. The escalation and speed with which COVID-19 spread across the world, and thus determined each country’s response, has been unprecedented.

What started off as social distancing or self-isolation for those showing symptons, sped furiously into a lockdown situation within a matter of days. We published a McConks article about how to keep paddling in times of mild social distancing, which out of date almost as soon as wrote it! You can read the article below.

Keep on keeping on

As we know, things moved fast and paddling’s now off for the near future. Because of this, McConks SUP needed to clarify our position as a UK SUP brand -and also because we needed to respond to a lot of queries and questions we were getting. You can view that article via the link below.

Coronavirus and McConks SUP business continuity

With bleak outlooks and doom and gloom throughout the media, we thought it time to lighten the mood a little. Not to say we recommend burying heads in sand but we were just trying to give a little respite from the negativity, and break the anxiety that many of our followers were feeling. With tongue firmly in our cheek, the following article should bring a smile and some knowing nods of the head. It’s always good to learn from others goofs!

5 SUP mistakes anyone can make

Keeping things positive, and looking for light at the end of the tunnel, we have a prize draw competition, in association with SUP Mag UK where you can win a McConks SUP package. If you’ve not seen it, then check out the details and enter in the following article.

Win a SUP package with McConks SUP and SUP Mag UK

We had planned to use March 2020 to launch a national initiative getting kids and young adults, who might not normally have access to stand up paddling, into the sport. Unfortunately this had to be put on hold for obvious reasons. Still wanting to Go Inspire though we switched tack to announce the Cornonavirus Hardship Fund which aims to help key workers and the vulnerable get afloat with the least amount of hassle possible. You can find all the necessary dets by hitting the article link below.

McConks SUP Coronavirus Go Inspire hardship fund

And now for something completely different…If wordy escapism is your thing, and you enjoy a good yarn, then check out the first of McConks’ reading corner stories. Yep, a story. A real, bona fide pice of prose! But one with a lesson for us all…

The Fisherman – an ocean lesson for us all

Continuing the gnarly fisherman theme, McConks SUP launched the Go Rhyme competition where we’re asking you guys to come up with a sea Shanty of your own in the same vein as Fisherman’s Friends, the Port Isaac, Cornwall, based folk group that specialise in singing working fisher tunes. Full details in the following article.

Go Inspire: It’s all part of being a paddler sea Shanty challenge

Oh, and hopefully you will have noticed that we’ve been gradually improving user experience on our website. We’ve fixed a number of bugs with the search tool and with the menu bars, and have been working on updating product pages where information was out of date.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on McConks’ website and social media streams for further stand up paddle boarding inspiration, info and comment. If you have article ideas or queries of your own then feel free to get in touch.