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McConks adventure SUP essentials – the right accessories for the job in hand.

Whatever type of adventure SUP you’re planning you need the right gear. This of course means board and paddle but it also means SUP adventure accessories. Fortunately here at McConks we’ve got you covered. Check out the range below and click on the titles or images to navigate to each product for more info.

Kelly Kettle base camp kettle

Journey Exstrema water filter bottle

McConks corkscrew bobble hat

Reclaimed plastic heavy duty waterproof dry bag

Whetman quick release SUP belt

If anyone has any questions about the above products then please get in touch.

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Relaxing – adventure SUP with plenty of chill time!

Adventure SUP can be anything that takes you on an adventure. It can be hardcore paddling, investing what’s round the next bend or simply heading off somewhere to pitch up and relax for a few hours. This was McConks head honch and family’s pathway of choice recently when they upped sticks and headed for the, er, sticks…

It was also a chance to put to the test some of the adventure SUP ‘solutions’ that Andy’s been messing about with for a while. Oh, and Mrs McConks the chance for a nice reclining cuppa. All this proves that with the right kit you don’t need to smash the miles or even smash yourselves when it comes to having a SUP adventure. Nobody cares if you’re giving it ‘Bear Grylls’. As long as it’s fun and fulfilling then that’s all that matters.

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Weekend Candy (Claire) does adventure SUP, aboard a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board.

This is actually something from 2019, but it’s still relevant. It also happens that Weekend Candy (Claire) is indulging in one of her 7 unmissable SUP adventures aboard a trusty McConks iSUP. Of course, because of this fact alone, we’re sharing this. But it’s more than just narcissism on our part. There’s some good info in Weekend Candy’s article about SUP adventures and how to make the most your time afloat.

Here at McConks we’re all about stand up paddle boarding adventures – whether they be short, hour long sojourns or longer, multi-day excursions. We offer the right SUP gear for the job. All you need to do is provide that spark of inspiration, make the appropriate plans and off you go.

So have a read of Claire’s article and either copy what she did or get involved in your own SUP adventure.

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Adventure SUP – McConks style

Adventure paddling can be anything you want. It doesn’t have to mean going all Bear Grylls, eating worms and living feral for days on end. It doesn’t even need to be a long duration. A few hours will often suffice in the right area.

Most new stand up paddle board owners will be content during those first few outings simply paddling along not straying that far from their original launch spot. Foundational skills will be developed at this point with progressing building blocks placed on top during the coming days. Once this is complete, and competence reached, however, what next?

This is where adventure SUP comes in. At first, it might be about investigating what’s round that next bend you’ve been eyeing up. Or perhaps circumnavigating that rock formation will be the choice. It mightn’t be covering any distance at all, instead choosing to paddle across to the opposite bank and set up camp there – content to just take it all in with a brew in hand.

For those able elongated journeys covering serious mileage is certainly doable aboard a SUP – this call to arms has been heard plenty of times. Search online and you’ll come across plenty of stories of stand up paddle boarders challenging themselves with distance and endurance paddles. The iconic Yukon 1000 is a case in point.

Stand up paddle board versatility is what makes these epic and mellower adventure paddles easy to accomplish. That upfront bungee cord, which mightn’t have seemed that important at the start of your SUP journey, suddenly reveals its usage for transporting paraphernalia like cooking utensils or sleeping gear for overnighters. As a board you’ve learned on you find the potential for SUP adventures with the same piece of equipment. There aren’t many other activities which can say the same.

As 2020’s summer of SUP surges forward there’ll no doubt be plenty of opportunity for paddling adventures aplenty. All you’ve got to do is decide what type of adventure floats your boat – or should that be board?