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SUP weather trend week July 14, 2020.

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Why have we been talking about the weather in recent posts? Mainly because we appreciate not everyone will look at forecasts, and interpret them, in the same way as more experienced paddlers. For instance, this week looks set to be cool, with a degree of rain but (mostly) light winds. Some may hear the word ‘cool’ and think it isn’t a time for SUP needing, instead, wall to wall sunshine and hot temperatures. This isn’t actually true. Stand up paddle boarding weather in the UK is a temperamental mistress to say the least, which is why there’s plenty of apparel available for when conditions are less than ideal. Technical SUP wear will keep you insulated and out there even when it’s not Med-like. And let’s be honest, this is UK summer time so even with a spot of moisture in the atmosphere it’s relatively warm and as such you shouldn’t be deferred. If you’re working up a sweat whilst SUPing then it’ll serve to cool you down as well.

But back to actual weather and broadly winds will be light going by Met Office predictions. And the good news is thermometer readings look likely to rise again come the weekend. So if you’re really fair weather then there’s light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

If you have any questions about paddling in ‘weather’ and what technical SUP apparel may benefit your paddling then get in touch.

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