You are currently viewing SUP weather predictions – January into February 2022.

SUP weather predictions – January into February 2022.

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SUP weather at this time of year can be a hit and miss affair. It’s pot luck if the wind’s howling and rain’s pouring. Or, just as with now (for most parts) those thermometer readings are low, winds are scarce and high pressure is in control leading to frosty/icy but calmer scenarios. We appreciate actual on the ground conditions can differ from location to location. But by and large it’s less hectic weather we’re getting. And with that comes more incentive to SUP.

Of course, you’ll need to wrap up warm and wear the right stand up paddle board clothing. But there’s nothing quite like a crisp SUP frost start to the day. In fact, any time you can get out for a float is good at this time of year. Stand up paddle boarding being one way to help pass the time quicker until spring is sprung.

SUP weather predictions.

Stand up paddle boarding in the UK relies so much on the weather. As such we often talk about Met Office long range predictions. Whilst certainly not guaranteed this info can give a signal of what’s potentially on the horizon. And this can help us plan our SUP sessions. So what are the signals, according to the Met Office’s long range weather, for the rest of Jan and into Feb 2022?

Saturday 22 Jan – Monday 31 Jan

Through the weekend it is expected to be dry for many but often rather cloudy, with some light rain at times in the far north. Through the following week, high pressure is likely to be centred across or near to the UK, with dry and settled conditions for most but with the ongoing risk of frost and fog, the fog stubborn to clear in places. There is also an increasing risk of weather fronts across the northwest making erratic progress southeastwards. Behind these there could be brief, but rather cold periods, especially in the north and down the east coast where it will be windy. Temperatures are likely to be around or slightly above average in the north, though below average in the south, especially where fog persists.

Tuesday 1 Feb – Tuesday 15 Feb

High pressure is expected to be near or across the UK to start with, before gradually declining southwards further into February. This means that, especially at first, the generally settled conditions will prevail with bright or sunny spells. There is still the increased likelihood of frost and fog, the fog lingering all day in places. Later in February, it is likely to turn more changeable in the north, with outbreaks of rain and stronger winds. There is an increased chance of these pushing further south at times, though settled conditions are most likely to persist here. Temperatures are expected to be slightly above average overall, particularly in the north. Some colder interludes are still likely though, bringing a risk of occasional snow, most likely over northern hills.

So what’s our take on the above? Get out if you can, when you can! There look to be windows of SUP opportunity in most places. But you may need to be on it and get afloat when it looks good. We appreciate this might be tricky for some. Days are getting longer, however. And with more daylight comes more opportunity to paddle. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy some January/February paddling when you can.

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