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SUP weather predictions January 2022.

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SUP weather predictions are certainly tricky of late. The pre-Christmas update from the Met Office was up and down like a yoyo with much uncertainty. At the start of December, it looked like being calm, chilly (ish) but sunny and bright in between Christmas and New Year. And yet, come the actual post-Xmas period it was blowin’ dogs off chains. Hardly the kind of weather that entices paddlers out.

As we always state with these posts, long range weather predictions are a guide only. With no guarantees – the above being a case in point. Yet they’re still worth keeping informed of for any potential windows of paddling opportunity. Should you have time available it’d be a shame to miss a window. And SUP’s all about the weather… Like it or not.

The kind of idyllic SUP weather we all crave.

With January being a slightly gloomy month it’s nice to break the monotony with some float time. So here’s what the Met Office predicts for the next few weeks.

Tuesday 11 Jan – Thursday 20 Jan

Cloudy with some light rain or drizzle and light winds in the south on Tuesday, but clearer conditions and sunny spells spreading to most, if not all, areas through the day. From Wednesday, high pressure is expected to build in the south, bringing settled conditions and mostly light winds. Temperatures trending near average to mild, although there is still a risk of some overnight frost and fog. The north is likely to continue to see spells of cloud and rain, with some stronger winds. Confidence decreases through the period, but a return to generally more unsettled conditions across the UK is likely later on, with western and northwestern parts expected to continue to see the wettest and windiest weather. Temperatures likely to remain around average.

Thursday 20 Jan – Thursday 3 Feb

Conditions expected to remain broadly unsettled and changeable through this period with occasional spells of wet and windy weather moving across from the Atlantic. Western and northwestern parts likely to see the wettest and windiest conditions overall whilst eastern and southeastern parts probably seeing the most of any drier spells. Temperatures likely to be slightly above average overall throughout but there remains a possibility of short-lived colder spells. Colder spells likely to bring a risk of snow at times, though mostly over high ground in the north.

Reading the above it’s a typical winter picture for weather across the UK. There’ll be periods of SUPtastic conditions though. especially during the first half of the period. Our advice is keep on top of what’s being forecasted and jump on any good weather when it materialises (if you can). If you’re not in a position to stand up paddle – nor feel an inclination – have no feasr! Spring will be with us soon. Promise.

The link to the Met Office’s long range forecast can be found here.

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