You are currently viewing SUP weather heatwave inbound – May 13 (ish), 2022, onwards.

SUP weather heatwave inbound – May 13 (ish), 2022, onwards.

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You know by now we love a good weather chat and update. Any regular follower of the McConks blog will have seen our long range SUP weather predictions posts. You may have also seen our heads up articles – like this – where we draw your attention to potential conditions that’ll be even more favourable for SUP. In this instance we’re focusing on SUP weather towards the end of this week (May 13, 2022) and into next.

You may have already seen a McConks Instagram post about this very same thing. (Follow McConks on Instagram here by the way). This was a few days back. Most forecast models are now firming up and in agreement that we will indeed be getting the first proper heatwave of the season.

Check out the screengrab from UK Weather Forecasts below.

Two day wonder or more prolonged? The jury’s still out…

This shows the general picture across the Uk for Tues May 17. As you can see the warmest temperatures should be across the Se with potentially 27/28C up for grabs. More broadly and we’ll possibly get 24C elsewhere. Whichever way you spread that’s pretty bonkers for the time of year.

How long could it last?

It’s no secret we’re in the throes of climate change and warming of average temperatures. Over the past few weeks it’s been extremely dry (generally) and whilst not heat of the predicted levels mentioned above there have certainly been plenty of pleasant days. For sure, climate change is a big issue and something we all need to do our bit for. But one plus is obviously better weather more conducive to watersports such as SUP.

So how will it last? Well, the currently. As it stands we’re under a low pressure system that is bringing windy conditions and cloud with a spot of rain in places. As we head through the week towards the weekend this’ll break and skies will become brighter. There’ll certainly be plenty of reason to get out and paddle ahead of the real warmth. But the predicted heatwave may only be a two day wonder. That said there’re hushed conversations about it being prolonged. Only time will tell so it’s definitely a wait and see game. In the short term, we’d suggest you have all your SUP kit at the ready for what could potentially be glorious period of SUP.

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