You are currently viewing SUP weather for Jubilee half term week looking pretty good!

SUP weather for Jubilee half term week looking pretty good!

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We’re here again, ahead of next week’s half term break (for a good many, though not all) with more SUP weather long range predictions. It’s also the week the Queen will be celebrating her birthday. In case you’d missed that. One big reason to mention is the extra days off we’re all being given off because of that very fact. So, time will certainly be in abundance for plenty to use (although again we appreciate not all). And with time comes the opportunity to get out and paddle. But what about the weather? Will Mother Nature play ball?

As far as the Met Office’s long range weather predictions go next week (Sat 28 May onwards) is looking good in most places. Get these next few blustery days out of the way and high pressure becomes dominant across the majority of the UK bringing settled and warm conditions. The very east and north of the country may see a few fresher showers but it’ll turn drier and brighter as we head towards June there too.

Good news all round then! With plenty of reason to get out on your stand up paddle boarding gear. And if you haven’t gotten hold of kit yet McConks has boards in stock to help you make the most of the Jubilee week long break. You can see what’s what over in the McConks webshop here. Any item in stock would be with you in the next few days so you’ll be ready and set to get afloat. Wherever you may be… But back to the weather and the long range forecast can be seen below.

Saturday 28 May – Monday 6 Jun

Over the weekend, fine and dry weather with clear and sunny spells expected for most, however some cloud and light showers remain possible, especially in the north and east. Despite a chilly start on Saturday, near normal temperatures can be expected for most, perhaps feeling warmer in the south and southwest. Into the following week, the weather is likely to become more settled, with any few showers most likely to be seen in the north and east, where it may feel fresher and cooler. This means above average temperatures away from the north and east, with drier conditions expected for most. As we move into the beginning of June, drier than average conditions are expected to persist overall.

Tuesday 7 Jun – Tuesday 21 Jun

At the beginning of June, we can expect to see a lot of dry weather across the UK. Temperatures may potentially become warm in the south and southwest but remain closer to average in the north. Later on in June, we may however see some less settled and cooler weather, particularly in northern regions.

Get them paddles at the ready and be ready to hit the brine! If you have any questions about McConks stand up paddle boarding gear get in touch here.

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