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SUP towboating – another way to ride your stand up paddle board.

We appreciate not everyone has access to high performance wakeboard gear – ski boat and boards. Plus wakeboarding’s actually quite tricky to master, at least when you compare it to SUP towboating. What’s SUP towboating we hear you ask? Simply put it’s being towed behind any kind of motorised craft whilst aboard your stand up paddle board!

The board you use can be any size and the boat can be a simple as a yacht tender, with small outboard, or watersports rescue RIB such as the one being used in the vid below. SUP towboating’s another example of your inflatable stand up paddle board‘s versatility. You don’t always need to be paddling. SUPs can be used for a whole manner of things. As long as your having fun then whatever really goes. Just look at the smile on Mrs McConks’ face!

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